riding into a happy new year!

there are so many blessings to look back on and many adventures had in the last year that it's hard to retell or think back to the beginning of 2010, but riding onto 2011 promises new beginnings and new goals to conquer! i love starting a new year and new beginnings which brings me to some wonderful news to share that i'll be moving to the east bay in the next few days! i still consider myself a city girl by all means! and will continue to spend much time in sf but since we brought in our new puppy, sherlock, we need more space to raise him, study, work, and decorate! the boy and i have started our bicycle adventures there and have found some pretty amazing trails and sights to ride on. very exciting! so with that shared, i'm super stoked to ride into a new year, in a new city, with a new upcoming look for the blog and features as well! so, a toast to the new year and hope you all have a lovely celebration into 2011 and ride into the new year with big dreams and light to guide the way.
      peace, love, and bicycle grease,

riding away but...

although i've been m.i.a. over the holidaze, i have some really exciting news and plans to be posted soon! lots of good things in store for this blog in the next year, literally in the next week, perhaps a new blog makeover! i'm taking a vacay over the next few days to manage my life outside of the blog since it's been pouring here in s.f. i find myself consistently getting stuck riding in the rain whenever i leave for work or return home from work, no fun, so i've been missing my adventures on bike but still having them in the rain nonetheless. i guess that's to be expected in january in sf... so with much excitement for the new year and a new blog makeover, i hope to have and share many more adventures! hope everyone has exciting plans to welcome the new year too, and please stay tuned...

happy blog anniversary!

it's been a great ride, literally! from the start of this blog i have found myself to be one of the luckiest bicycle ladies out here sharing what i love and having support all around me from new readers to old readers. how lucky am i to have made lovely friends around the world through this blog. i plan on growing this blog with the same purpose but perhaps with a new flare and some really exciting posts. to one year in blogging and to a new year in blogging! ding ding!

christmas at city hall...

christmas is at city hall and it is a green and red light spectacular sight to see! we are only three days away from the holiday and i can't understand why can't it be christmas time all year?! 

what's in my bike basket?

 a round of what's in my bike basket introduces christmas presents! well, because it's almost christmas and delivering presents in your bike basket never looked so cheerful! and i can't really tell you what's in those cloth wrapped presents because that would defeat the purpose of a gift. and, going hand craft and green during the holidays was one of the best experiences i could have ever taken on. people love receiving these made with love items and i love seeing them brighten up from the creations wrapped up inside them. nothing else warms my heart so much! 

power to the pedal

there's nothing i love more in riding than conquering the hills of san francisco! i swear you cannot expect to ride on flat lands in this city, there is just no way. but when you face a great looking hill like the one on fulton st., in the first photo, nothing more than a call of "let's ride this mountain!" get's you pumped for some power to the pedal. the first photo is of my conquer of that hill, and the bottom is of me gliding down it. good times here people. and look, you can see City Hall all the way down the hill too!

weekend sans wet ride recap

 messy work space
petite banner
hairbow and reflective bangles bling!

although my weekend wasn't much filled with bicycle adventures, besides trying to stay alive on the wet roads (thanks to the rain storm gods), i amused myself with getting a little d.i.y. gift crafting done. i spent my entire sunday sewing, stitching, and gluing with the help of my pup, cat, and boyfriend. many bike rides back to the fabric store came handy when i began to get some cabin fever but i literally spent so much time getting things done! i admire those who consistently hand make their products, it's time consuming! but hey, at least i'm holding up to my 25 Days Till Christmas goals! *ding ding*  hope your holiday week is filled with merry magic! and good luck on getting some holiday shopping and prepping done! cheers!

dear wendy, happy anniversary!

oh dear wendy bird, 
i almost forgot! today is our one year anniversary. remember when mikey secretly sent his coworker to check you out and buy me? he even hid you in the storage space at work but had to bring you home. after a grueling muni ride home, mikey told me to close my eyes, go downstairs and to find something red outside that was mine. i immediately saw you and jumped for joy with great assurance YOU were MINE! i remember that first ride we took at night, i wanted to go everywhere with you. how time flies by like we have! we've had so many adventures already wendy: an accident, getting stuck in the train tracks, a major makeover, long distance rides, major steep hills, riding in the rain, 4am rides, we've made so many friends on the road, through the interwebs around the world, and have had such a great time together. you've never let me down and always made muni look boring and like a chump. seriously, check out the calves and thighs you've created, lol! oh wendy bird, i consider you my best friend, my therapy, my gym, my wings, i heart you forever! happy anniversary!
xoxo, your faithful rider,

happy friday and a little rain

happy friday! i'm hearing rumors it's going to rain all weekend, sigh. yesterday i was a little taken back on a visit from the rain gods. i was not prepared at all but had a fabulous time riding home. the ride was slow, very wet, but cautious... i even made a few friends whom we sympathized together but alas, i made it safe and somewhat dry. wendy on the other hand was a hot mess, she needs a little break change to handle this weather, nothing a little d.i.y. can't fix. i never post any embarrassing pictures but hey, getting caught in the rain empty handed is a little silly and fine to share what a hot mess i can look like sometimes.

sf events to ride to

PUBLIC Holiday Year-End Sale & Party

Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010, 11am-4pm
2125 Harrison Street @ Mariposa b/t 17th and 18th
San Francisco, CA
Save up to 20-30% on select used PUBLIC bikes

Last minute holiday gifts under $20
Up to 70% off select non-bike merchandise

2nd Annual Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale

Saturday, Dec 18 11:00a
Join us for the 2nd Annual Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale in San Francisco on December 18 + 19, from 11am – 7pm in the Concourse Exhibition Center’s East Hall (620 7th St.)! With over 200 of the nation’s finest indie-craft talents setting up shop that weekend, all of your last minute holiday-shopping needs are sure to be found at this FREE TO ATTEND craft, art, design + DIY spectacular!
(photo:All lit up photo by luckhardt on Flickr)

Sun., Dec. 19, 6pm  meet at the Panhandle Statue, Fell and Baker
'Tis the season! Don your Santa hat and join the SFBC's annual two-wheeled tour of some of our favorite city's festive light displays. This year's route is a moderately hilly 8 miles with a special surprise picnic destination. So bring your granny gears and a tasty snack to share with other hungry cyclists. And if you've forgotten the words to some of those old Christmas carols, well, we'll remind you. For info, contact Robin Marks at robin@biteback.com.
SF Bicycle Coalition recreational rides are free for SFBC members (a $5 donation from non-members is appreciated); heavy rain cancels rides.
with the holidays coming close, i sure plan on doing my last minute shopping and crafting with a little fun this weekend. i'm so excited for christmas i'm quickly counting down the days with some holiday music, crafting, walks through the neighborhood to see xmas decorations, and  plenty of baking. hope everyone has a fun filled bike weekend!
*ding ding*

d.i.y. reflective bangle

for a while i've been experimenting with the idea of reflective bracelet's for those night rides when signaling left or right. i find often that with gloves it's hard for cars to see a hand signal so i let my creative juices flow and created some cloth wrapped bangles with small strips of reflective tape, they really work! (tutorial soon). i'm also using these as gifts for my riding lady friends. i hope they like them. what do you think?

riding with friends

some of my favorite rides are with my ladies jessica and kasey discovering new shops, cafe's, bookstores, restaurants, and in this case big steep hills to ride up and ride fast down. i'm always ready for new adventures and whenever a street looks challenging to ride or we think we're lost we always ask "are you down for some adventures?" someone will always say "ding ding!" and off we go! it's so much fun to have a great group of friends to ride with often, makes discovering the city adventurous.

of bicycles and paper

although i absolutely love bicycles in every shape and form, i couldn't resist this adorable stationary i found on sale at anthropology. i think they're fun to write to friends to say a littel "hi, thinking of you! let's ride soon!' I LOVE SNAIL MAIL and the written word on a piece of specialized paper with a bicycle is so magical!
*ding ding*

what's in my bike basket?

there are some essentials i never leave my house without like my wallet, keys, all purpose Rosebud Salve, sunglasses, a scarf, hankie, pen, notebook, planner, a po campo reflective bird for night riding, and gloves. all essential to my morning commute to work. i'm a simple gal, i make sure my chains, tires, cables and breaks are ready for a ride the night before.
what's in your bike basket?

oh christmas tree and charlotte

passing through City Hall... Charlotte loves Christmas time since she matches the holidays so well.

bicycle adventure and finds

(bike basket of treasure finds)

happy Monday! hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! the city was hovered with some winterly fog and chill when not riding but i managed well with some gloves, a scarf, wool leggings and a good coat. much of my time was spent with my cute puppy Sherlock, wrapping presents, and shopping at Bazaar Bizarre craft fair. there were so many wonderful finds i had to refrain myself but i did manage to snag some gifts for friends and meet some crafty local ladies. my ride to Bazaar Bizarre was quite an adventure but i loved every moment riding through the hills, fog, embarcadero, polk st,  and passing through City Hall to see it's Christmas lights and tree. December is definitely the most wonderful time of the year in SF. anyone else out there attend Bazaar Bizarre and find any good treasures?

happy friday!

happy friday everyone! this weekend is going to be an eventful and adventurous bicycle ride as i prep for christmas. i plan on doing most of my christmas shopping and wrapping just to avoid having to do it last minute. i'm hauling my new panniers too just to help with the load, should be really fun! have a happy weekend! 

sf/bay area events to ride to

Friday, December 10th, 2010 — 5pm to 10pm
An evening of parties, food, drink, sales, events, art openings and general fun times throughout Mission local stores.
December 10th 4pm-9pm
 Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
2868 Mission Street (24th & Mission BART)

December 10, 2010 - 5:00pm - 10:00pmShop for the perfect bike themed gift at Bay Area Bikes' gift bazaar. Local artisans, including Oakland's own B. Spoke Tailor will be showing their wares. Wine and munchies served too! At: Bay Area Bikes Rental ShopWater St. between Broadway and Franklin, across from old Barnes & Noble.,Jack London Square

East Bay Bike Party: Holiday Bike Party
December 10, 2010 at 7:30pm
December’s East Bay Bike Party theme: Bad Santa/Ugly Sweater
The ride will be starting at two different BART stations. Join the one that’s closest to you, meet up at Frank Ogawa Plaza, then ride to the final destination together. The afterparty is going to be HUGE. There will be beer on tap (5$ donation), street vendors, a performance by theDerailleurs, karaoke, and of course, dancing. Routes and final party location will be posted the week of the ride.
You can RSVP on Facebook.
Saturday, Dec. 11, 2010, 10:30 a.m.
Join other bicyclists for a survey of more than a dozen murals addressing a variety of social issues. Look at the art, the politics and the neighborhood issues, and examine public art organizing techniques, stories from your favorite murals, and the complex issues of expressing justice themes through art.
 Meet at Mona Caron’s Market Street Railway mural on Church at 15th Street at 10:30am. They'lll cover easy territory from the Mission District to the Castro with no steep hills. Ends at 12:30pm. RSVP required. Set your own cost: $10 to $40 donation asked.
Dec 11 & 12
Fort Mason
sat:12-5, sun 12-6

so many wonderful things going on this weekend and i can't decide which one's i want to go to, definitely Mission Holiday Block Party and Bazaar Bizarre, i mean... i can't deny a good thing that was hand made and grown in SF. crossing my fingers for good weather that way i can bike around the city all weekend with my puppy that way he get's used to the bike and the environment. that in itself is an adventure! i hope you all have a lovely weekend prepping up for the holidays! i'm very excited to get my holiday craft on after this weekend! cheers! *ding ding*

good morning commute.

when it's not raining in sf, and sometimes between raining sessions, going for a ride for air is the best way to help get that cabin-fever-riding-bug fixed, yet, so many wet days now and ahead of us. how will i cope?! riding in the rain can be fun and yet dangerous if we don't keep our bikes tuned up, but it can be done! luckily i dodged the rain before i left work yesterday and arrived dry. if i get stuck in the rain today then...oh well, it'll make a fun ride and future post! i love being outdoors and can't stay still when i'm stuck inside, i fidget so much trying to keep myself busy studying, crafting, reading, or playing with my dog but he's just as restless to be outside as i am. anyone else like this too?

these are a few of my favorite things...

holiday bicycle wish guide

bicycle cards 
 dring dring bike bell 

 nutcase cand swirl helmet
Bicycle by Helen Pidd 

with the holidays just around the corner, i've been wondering what to get for my bicycle friendsies for the holidays. i know a cyclist is always in need of something practical so i thought i'd put together a small bicycle wish guide for those out their wondering what to buy a bicycle enthusiast. if all else fails, i strongly advise shopping on etsy.com and searching for bicycle related ideas for gifts. to view products you can click below the photos to get their info and link into the product company line for other great ideas too. good luck and happy holiday shopping!

riding in the winter wonderland

i'm loving winter in sf and all that makes the holiday season enchanting. my rides have become longer out of a curious countenance, i want to see decorations everywhere! although time darkens our days earlier, i'm okay with that as long as i get to share these enchanting moments with those i love.

good morning commute

winter is showing itself a little more. i love when trees begin to shed their leaves, makes for a beautiful view on the way to work.

christmas time is here...

i love christmas, one of my favorite holidays as decorations make our environments look enchanting and holiday music makes our spirits bright. one of my absolute favorite things to do during the holiday season is to look at the window displays of christmas trees and decorations. here i found anthropologies window display absolutely radiant with creativity. oh and i checked off one of  my 25 days till Christmas challenges: decorate bike with a Christmas ornament. i love how Charlotte looks with a bow, precious. i'm so excited to share more challenges. hope you all had a great weekend! *ding ding*

25 days to give till x-mas

i like to have traditions during the holidays and giving is a major gift i love to give. i composed a list of 25 days to give till Christmas, a small way to get into the holiday spirit and to be active in giving back blessings i've been given. they're daily challenges but good to build up new years resolutions by getting me into the habit of reaching goals. each day i give myself a challenge that i must check off and share till Christmas day. i hope to share all the challenges till Christmas and inspire others to do the same. if anyone would like to share their goals or join in these goals, please do! send me your stories or goals and i would love to share them here too!

25 days to give till xmas:
leave a x-mas card on a bike (1 for each day till xmas)
do a good deed anonymously
sing christmas carols
make 25 holiday mixed tapes of your favorite xmas songs, share them with 25 friends
be creative by handcrafting xmas gifts
volunteer for a worthy cause
stroll to see xmas lights, leave a thank you note on you favorite decorated house
donate food, clothing, or other necessities
bake xmas treats for family or friends
make new year goals, write them out, check them off till next year
leave a nice comment on a different blog each day till xmas
share your favorite xmas story
be a secret Santa
befriend someone new
count your blessings, write them out, share them
go ice skating with friends, bring someone new
make an xmas decoration for a friends
be kind
be helpful to someone by giving your time or resources
make a new xmas dish, share it
tell someone you them each day till xmas
find something positive to share about your day
reach out to a friend you haven't spoken to in a while
have someone share their favorite Christmas story with you
decorate your bike with a xmas ornament

since i'm posting this up 3 days after dec. 1, i would like to check off some things i've done so far: be a secret santa (work), donate food, clothing, or other necessities (got bikes, give books donation), make a holiday mixed tape (25 songs, 25 burned and ready to be sent out)...here's to the season to be giving, 
*ding ding*

sf events to ride to

sf nieghborhood holiday celebrations:


Saturday December 4th
Noon – 5pm
The Verdi Club
Local craft designers, HUGE raffle, live music, DJs, and make-it-yourself gifts

Saturday Dec 6, 2008 (noon)
Folsom and Embarcadero

Your mission, should you choose to accept this humanitarian quest, is to dash around town on your bike, hitting several grocery stores along to way and purchasing food to be donated to the San Francisco Food Bank. You can race to be the speediest or to accumulate the most points, but any effort makes for an adrenaline-pumping challenge and gives bikers a chance to meet fellow good Samaritans. The race is free, but be sure to bring at least $20-30 with you to pay for the groceries.
Note: There is an afterparty at Rickshaw Bagworks
WHEN: Sunday, December 5th from 6–10:30pm.
WHERE: SOMArts Gallery, 934 Brannan St. at 8th St.
Free Valet Bike Parking provided of course. Bring your bike lock too!
$15 for SF Bicycle Coalition Members
$40 for non–members (includes 1–year of membership)

with winter chill and cheers it's starting to feel a lot like christmas! lot's of holiday events happening in sf and what better way to support your local shops and communities by shopping local. it's supposed to rain this weekend but i hope you all get in a good ride despite it all. happy friday! 

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