Bicycle Baskets

With spring time amongst us, accessories get to shine! A basket can be a great addition to your bike. Whether you're piling it high with fresh veg and french sticks or more realistically throwing your handbag in it on your way to work, baskets are a practical option that add character to your bike. I'm particularly fond of the Peterboro Original Bike Basket by REI, they sell for $29.00 and are perfectly chic for a spring ride to the farmers market or a picnic in the park.

ride the streets in style

check out these Beatrice Holiday’s line of Handlebar Bags! A creative line of Cruiser Handlebar Bags, Basket Liners and matching Seat Covers crafted out of vintage upholstery
& vinyl that really make your bicycle stand out from the pack!!

sf tweed ride

March 27th, 2 pm

2 pm — Sally forth from Ohlone Park (near North Berkeley Bart)

Midpoint — Cesar Chavez Park (games, contests, and a special performance)

End (5-6 pmish) — Albatross Pub (libations & darts!)

[facebook event page]

Spring is the air and the rain has let up, so it’s time to dust off your smoking pipes and take your tweed out of mothballs! Put that dapper cap on your head, oil your chain, and get ready to pedal with panache!

Join us for the first SF Tweed Ride of 2010, this ride will take place in the lovely town of Berkeley, CA. The ride will be anywhere from 6-8 miles with a break midway through. We have plenty of enjoyment planned for you all including games, contests, and a special performance by the wondrous Corpus Callosum! As always, the tweed ride will end at an establishment that offers libations and cheer.

bike fall

i had my first major bike fall today. unfortunately, we have train rails that run along market st where a major bike lane runs and every sf biker has had the experience of getting their wheels stuck in one. today was the day on the cutoff turn from market to valencia where i was left with battle wounds on the knee and both wrist. thank goodness for the other bikers who were a major helping hand in getting me off the road during rush hour. i went to the doctor and no broken bones but i'm not allowed to ride till my left wrist heals completely. a really really sad day.

frog knog front and rear bicycle lights

finally, a stylish bike light to get excited about!

Enjoyably tactile, the Frog is quick and easy to clip on n' off - the flexible 'tail' wraps around the handlebar etc, to be re-attached to a clip on the back of the main light body.They come in a myriad of colours to suit your bike, your outfit or your mood...
you can find them at valencia cyclery and online at

Cycling In Dresses and Bikes

I know the SF style for riding is wearing dark clothing, dark skinny jeans, and a hoodie but i prefer a dress or skirt. It's so much more comfortable, you have plenty of room to move your hips, and you don't need to worry about getting your pants stuck in the chains. if the skirt is fitted well with a good outfit, you also reduce your chance of showing bicycle crack, not a pretty sight. It's always a good idea to wear leggings just in case of a fall or your skirt flows up. You can color coordinate them with your outfit too. Places I like to shop are at H&M or online at
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