here's to friday

i have some really exciting news to share. i never thought the fact that my enthusiasm and love for sustainable lifestyle and cycle chic would ever rub off on my friends. yet, knowing that i live in one of the most environmental and style conscious cities in america i have! this week, three of my friends have joined the pedal push, that makes five friends, with a sixth on the way. i have multiple conversations with friends who say they are thinking of getting a bike, and that makes me excited, but when they do, that set's my bicycle bell off! i thought after my accident all of my friends would stay away from bicycling but they see the perks to bicycling now that spring has sprung and muni (our infamous public transit) has failed even more. this makes me really excited to see how this small movement we call cycle chic has an impact, one bike, one city girl at a time, happy friday!

Girls Guide To Riding In A Skirt...

My friends always comment and ask, "You're the only girl I know who rides a bike in a skirt, how do you do it?" Most of the time, you'll see San Francisco girls riding through the streets wearing skinny jeans, spandex leggings, tights, yoga pants, or plain old jeans rolled up on the right leg to avoid getting their jeans caught in their chains. I prefer to wear dresses and skirts at all times and there is nothing wrong with wanting to be safe and comfortable on a commute or ride, but some ladies who prefer to ride in style should know how to manage a few things when riding in a skirt or dress. 

Some things to keep in mind are that short skirts, tight skirts, or flowing skirts tend to ride up the thighs when pedaling, and when a gust of wind sweeps by it can really be a show stopper. Also, I sometimes have issues getting my skirt caught in my spokes or caught behind my saddle when mounting off so i've developed a few techniques from letting that happen. here are some tips to guide you on riding in a skirt...

-As far as safety goes, you can accessorize your bike with a skirt guard to keep it from getting caught in your bike spokes like the one here...

-Keep your knees in. This helps especially if your not interested in revealing your undergarments, plus it makes you look very lady like.

-Tights and leggings seriously come in handy but they are not excuses for pants! Tights are my favorite when worn right. I recommend buying a colorful assortment to match your outfits. Wearing bold colors or prints really gets the attention of drivers and makes awareness a key to safe cycling. If you wear a short skirt you could always alter a pair of leggings thigh high to wear underneath the skirt too. I swear by leggings, they are especially great for those cold and windy days too.

Other Tips

Keep your hand on your lap a la Marilyn Monroe to control rising of the skirt. This helps to manage any thigh rising of the skirt and especially helps when the wind blows it array.

One secret many ladies swear by is wearing a headband or rubber band around your thigh and safety pinning it to the skirt. It works and you don't need to wear it for long when you're getting from point A to B.

When mounting on your bike, slide your hand behind your bottom guiding your hem to keep it from getting caught behind the saddle.

So there you have it, your guide to riding in a skirt. Seems easy but there are small techniques to pedaling your way towards a stylish ride. Spring is here and summer is on its way, so pull out your skirts and dresses ladies and ride on!

critcal mass sf

What is Critical Mass?

Critical Mass is a mass bicycle ride that takes place on the last Friday of each month in cities around the world. Everyone is invited! No one is in charge! Bring your bike!

Next San Francisco Critical Mass: April 30th, 2010, 5:30pm, at Justin Herman Plaza.

Bike To Work Day May 13th

Bike to work day Thursday, May 13th in San Francisco. Save the date and remember to tune up your bikes if you've been letting your bike sit for the winter season. It's going to be a joy ride as there are many fun plans to celebrate. you can find out more information at Bike to Work Day.

stylishly cute cycle chic picks

stumbled upon this website via refinery 29. posted are cute bicycle outfits and accessories for you and your bike. summer is approaching quickly and light clothing that's safe to ride in is a perfect suggestion when the heat is on. check it out, you'll fall in love with some of these finds.

bicycle eye candy

oh my, these bikes by Republic Bike are absolutely adorable. Republic Bike's reassembles custom bikes to whatever your heart desires in the perfect bike for you. between a single speed, fixie, or dutch bike, you can mix them up, tone them down, keep them simple, funky, or elegant. what more could a rider ask for dreaming up the perfect bike?

weekend bicycle adventures

this weekend, friends and i set out for adventures through golden gate park to ocean beach. i wasn't expecting an adventurous ride but it was most certainly adventurous. the weather was perfect for a trip out to the beach where we explored the open bike routes through golden gate park through ocean avenue. later we meet up with more bike friends to ride with and noticed there is certainly something to be said about traveling in packs where the ride is more fun and safe as cars are aware of the number of riders on the road. there is some wisdom in the saying "the more cyclist on the road, the safer cycling becomes."

i hope everyone had a lovely weekend, more adventures to come soon.

sf street art to ride to

san francisco is full of street art. anywhere from the mission, soma, to haight etc., it's there. in between and all around san francisco's mission district are posters and poetry and political calls to action. there are tribal graffiti and gothic lettering, traditional murals and lattices of tags. street art in sf has a long history and makes neighborhoods like the mission stand out. here are just a few pic 's of bikes and street art from my fair city.

favorite murals to visit are here:

Clarion Alley, between Valencia and Mission, Sycamore and 17th streets, has been a magnet for sensational art since the 1990s.

Maestrapeace, the Women's Building, 18th Street between Valencia and Guerrero streets. The monumental work was painted by seven master muralists and has become an international symbol of women's achievements.

24th Street corridor, walking east on 24th Street from Mission. A walk from Mission starts with the only muralized McDonald's around, situated in front of an impressive youth mural. Across the street are more inspired murals. Walk down Lilac Alley for the latest graffiti from masters, or down Horace Alley or Lucky Alley. Don't miss Guadalajara or Restaurante El Delfin for amazing examples of taqueria art.

Balmy Alley, between 24th and 25th streets and Treat and Harrison. This is the oldest and most famous mural alley in the Mission, started when artists organized protests against the wars in Central America.

Swoon's Angel, Hampshire off 24th Street. Swoon is a spectacular example of an urban angel in relief on a brick wall. This is ephemeral art. See it before the tyranny of time and weather prevail.

top that!

top that!

designer, Rachel Antonoff, along with Alia Shawkat {Arrested Development} and Rachel’s brother, Jack {Steel Train} remake the famous 80s movie scene, “Top That.” also note the clothes from her 2010 spring line and the gorgeous bikes they ride! such a good laugh...

sharing life on a bike

meet city girl rider kasey.
bike's name: i named my bike 'bonnie blue' after scarlett o'hara and rhett butler's child from the movie 'gone with the wind', one of my favorite films.
bike brand: bonnie's a raleigh. although i'm still trying to do an online research as to what year she may be from.
neighborhood: i am currently living in one of sf's best neighborhood, noe valley!
age: 24
occupation: retail
status: married to the most wonderful, supportive, amazingly kind man for almost 4 years now.
mantra: mantra meditation
tattoo: i have 6, two of which i want to get covered.
listening to: 'the bird and the bee'. inara george's soothing, melodic vocals always make my day.
reading now: the everlasting story of nory by nicholson baker.
what you wear on bikes: skirts and dresses. i like to look cute when i ride ;)
hobbies: i like to explore different parts of the city and thrift shop on my days off. i've also been collaging lately.
bike stunts: nothing yet. although it would be cool to learn one in the future.
favorite hangout spot: parks because i love having picnics, and lately i've been going to this great coffee shop near my neighborhood called 'borderlands cafe'.

thanks kasey, i look forward to more adventures and rides along our paths down the road.

riding the city with charlotte and love

san francisco was beautiful in all her glory this weekend. it was warm and perfect for a bicycle journey through the city. saturday, my boyfriend and i took charlotte (my new bike!) for a ride through pier 39 to the beach where we enjoyed putting our toes in the ocean and relaxing after a long ride. charlotte was such a trooper and i loved every moment i had riding her as i feel more secure and adventurous to endure the roads of the city. there are countless adventures to have with charlotte and i cannot wait to share them.

it's the weekend...

happy friday everyone. so glad it's the weekend and happy to share that i have news of another city girl on a bike! my good friend kasey and i are going to take her new vintage blue raliegh cruiser out for a spin in the city this weekend to show her the ropes of bicycling on the road. i'll be cruisin around golden gate park too, hopefully with a new bike! still keeping my fingers crossed...

have a beautiful weekend and remember whatever the road brings... keep calm and ride on!

Ride the City Debuts New San Francisco Bike Route Map

Now, Ride the City is live in San Francisco, with route maps and features they hope to earn the respect and loyalty of San Francisco bicycle riders. so excited, it's about time !

bicycle history for a weekend ride

i plan on taking a ride through golden gate park this weekend and i cannot help but think of the history of bicycling in sf. more than anything i'm fascinated with the women who have rode the pavements in san francisco as there is such a rich history of women and bicycling here. although i sometimes don't feel like it, i know that movement continues one women and one bicycle at a time. here's a little snip of what san francisco women did for bicycling.

ladies riding through gg park

In the early 1890s, a few fashionable women in San Francisco began to shorten their skirts a few inches to accommodate their latest pastime: bicycling. By 1895, so many women in the United States were bicycling that they started a new movement for dress reform (trading long skirts and petticoats for shorter outfits, bloomers, and gaiters). But more important than the new freedom of dress was the new freedom of movement.

As Mrs. Reginald de Koven wrote for Cosmopolitan magazine in August, 1885, "To men, rich and poor, the bicycle is an unmixed blessing, but to women it is deliverance, revolution, salvation. It is well nigh impossible to overestimate the potentialities of this exercise in the curing of the common and characteristic ills of womankind, both physical and mental, or to calculate the far reaching effects of its influence in the matters of dress and social reform ."

The bicycle was seen as a cure for women who suffered from the cultural diseases of the era--hysteria, vapors, and nerves--that were brought on by stiflingly tight corsets and social manners.

"The rewards which this exercise offers are so great, in the fascination of the free motion, the exhilaration of the sense of power over the wheel, the delight of flying through the landscape," Mrs. de Koven went on, "that it is no wonder it is potent to bring delicate, fanciful women off their couches, and to rid them of vapors and nerves."

Even more amazing bicycle-cures seemed to be possible: "The bicycle actually has been used by physicians as a means of curing insanity, and there is an authenticated case of an inmate of a retreat in Brooklyn who was restored to sanity by the use of the machine; surely an astonishing proof of what this regular absorbing physically healthful exercise may do for a mind diseased.

checking out rides

so i found this beautiful bike on craigslist and i am in love! i've always wanted a vintage green cruiser with crome fenders and viola! i decided on a new bike because my road bike is just too big for me by two inches and i have to tippy toe while sitting on my seat. very uncomfortable and dangerous as i can easily lose balance at a stop. i decided that if i get her, i'll name her charlotte after charlotte bronte, one of my favorite writers. isn't she a beauty? i hope she will be mine, cross your fingers!

a girls favorite past time

one of my favorite things to do on a beautiful sunny day is to ride my bike and lay in the park to read. i love reading and i do a lot of it. one book i'm really hooked on lately is Jeff Mapes', Pedaling Revolution, which explores the growing urban bike culture that is changing the look and feel of cities across the U.S. he rides with bike advocates who are taming the streets of New York City, joins the street circus that is Critical Mass in San Francisco, and gets inspired by the everyday folk pedaling in Amsterdam, including the nirvana of American bike activists. it's a great book for bringing forth awareness and activism onto the roads and certainly one that i strongly recommend for ladies that are passionate about changing the roads and cities for a better future.

getting serious about bicycling safety

fella bicycle blogger, activist, and enthusiast Dottie from letsgorideabike, posted a really interesting blog concerning bicycle safety and asks an important question of how much of the push for bicycling is about encouraging people to be braver, rather than actually fostering a safe and welcoming environment for cyclists?

i encourage all bicyclist to read it as it provokes one to think about our cities role in fostering an environment fit for a bicyclist. you can read her blog here...

french music to ride to

french music to ride to

j'adore ces't film! the story and scenes of adorning the town and riding bicycles are beautiful and romantic, my idea of a day with the one i love.

happy friday riders!

we have finally approached the weekend and the weather in san francisco is absolutely gorgeous for riding. this weekend i plan on riding to the annual cherry blossom festival in japan town with friends and taking a ride along the wiggle to golden gate park up to ocean beach. a lot of adventures and pictures to post. i'll definitely be out on the look for cute girls with their cute bikes as i know the weekend is always a time for spring riding and elegance.

have a happy and safe weekend, and remember, keep calm and ride on!

dream bike!

PUBLIC bikes is opening an online store this mid April! Their bikes are beautifully designed around the style and principles of the classic European bike and come with comfortable seating, chain guards, fenders, kickstands and reflective stripes on tires for safer night riding. Prices will range from $650 to $1,200. If you live in or are visiting the Bay Area, you are welcome to visit them at 123 South Park in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood to test ride a PUBLIC bike.

My favorite bike is the one in the photo, so beautiful!

benefits of a bicycle

i love this little t'shirt design about the benefits of a bicycle! if only drivers and pedestrians understood as it only speaks the truth! found it on C.I.C.L.E where you can find other t's that are just as creative and for the sale price of $20.

Real Life on a Bike by Meli

"My thoughts about women and cycling, here in San Francisco have always been optimistic."

Meli from Bikes and City has featured a blog of an article interview with Momentum about women cycling in the city, Real Life on a Bike . It's a very interesting article about her view of women and cycling and why their community isn't prominent in San Francisco. Just like Meli, I hope to inspire women to ride in the city, and I know that starts with inspiring stories, knowledge, support, and enthusiasm for cycling. Building a community of women cycler's is important for encouraging cycling lifestyle, as S.F. is a tough city to cycle in, but the hope and dream is there so ride on ladies.

attention city girl riders!

city girl rides is starting a blog project about the sf community of local girls coming together to share the highlights of life on a bike. the featured project will ask for a picture of you with your bike, your name, bikes name, bike brand, your neighborhood, age, occupation, status, mantra, tatoo (?), listening to, reading now, what you wear on rides, hobbies, bike stunts, miles, and favorite hangout spot.

if you're interested in being featured email me at and i'd love to share your story!
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