Riding Pride!

Riding Pride was amazing! Some photos of my observations and participation in Pride Celebration!
oh my darling...bikes

oh my darling...bikes

one of my absolute favorite movies growing up was "Now and Then," a movie about four best friends growing up together in a small town. one of my favorite scenes is the "oh my darling" song the girls bike to on their way to discovering a mystery. the girls have countless adventures and all with the help of their trusty friends and bikes.

pedal pushers in Bust Magazine

boy was i really excited to open Bust Magazine and find this tiny article on "The Perfect Clothes For Spinning Your Wheels" featuring Pedaler Clothing.

fun oilcloth cruiser seat covers

so in love with these oil cloth cruiser seat covers! i think they are perfect if you want to protect your seat from fading from sun exposure and rain. katie kourture does a line of seat covers and bike basket liners, all very gorgeous and made with love! you can even pick which design you'd love for your own personal style.

sweet hats

i have never really been into wearing hats until i started taking longer bike rides and found that they help to keep hair and sweat out of my face. i really don't like to wear them but under certain circumstance i like to and i like looking cute with it them, so i found a few that are eye candy pieces and advise that you check out the makers and more of their work by clicking on the links below the photos. happy hat shopping!

sunday streets: la mission

this past sunday i had the pleasure of riding through sunday streets en la mission. it was a vibrant day with good weather, good people, and good fun. there were so many bicycles out there! it was encouraging to see how people were taking on their part of sharing the road whether it be walking, skateboarding, roller blading, or cycling. i hear there's going to be another sunday streets in the la mission part II next month? i hope so!

bikes on a skirt

adorable bicycle print skirt, perfect for the bicycle enthusiast. perhaps wearing lace shorts or leggings would perfectly suit it for a sunny ride.

skirt garter

sometimes leggings don't always keep you from flashing passersby. i had to come to terms with that and found that perhaps skirt garters for biking are more reliable.

ring it!

i've been on a constant lookout for a fun bike bell and who would have known how adorable dringdring bells are?!

the bike bag issue

bike bag eye candy! i guess when it comes down to riding the city without a backpack on my back, i should find an easier way to carry things and this is what i found and adore. recycled and sustainable fabrics, all handmade with love.

i bike sf: june features lower divisadero corridor

I Bike SF brings June to a new featured neighborhood of Lower Divisadaro Corridor where participating neighborhood businesses reward cyclists with great discounts. Each month I Bike SF encourages cycling to featured local neighborhood businesses where all you have to do is present your helmet or lock key to receive discounts. Businesses range from bars, hair salons, florist, cafes, restaurants, to retail shops, all of which call for some happy biking and shopping!

gloves to ride with

i'm not a huge fan of bike gloves, but i'm a huge fan of these bamboo knit gloves i found on esty. stylish and eco friendly, these gloves are breathable, antibacterial, odor resistant, non-irritating, and perfect for biking.

get your bike on

i'd say, she's got the right attitude on how to get your bike on.

cozy bike

i am a huge coffee drinker! heck, i work at a coffee shop and have been on the search for a cute coffee cozy as i hate to waste paper. found this adorable one at buyolympia.com. isn't it adorable?! i wish i was savvy with making things but my art only takes me as far as oil and canvas.
music: the smiths and bikes

music: the smiths and bikes

i love the smiths and their bike gang music video!

finally, a bike book sans lycra

Helen Pidd, a news reporter for the Guardian UK, is the author of Bicycle, a modern guide to cycling. Published by Penguin, Bicycle offers tips on how to stay safe on the road, looking good while riding, finding your dream ride, stopping someone from stealing it, commuting by bike, and cycling for sport or leisure. I'm looking forward to reading it and passing it onward to a friend whose interested in riding and needs a little help. I'm sure it will be grand to finally read something sans lycra speed bike and sports. Thank you Helen, and i truely cannot wait till June 22 to read your book.
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