happy friday riders!

there is something that i've been strongly considering in bicycle performance, long distance riding. i mean like 50 mile rides. i love my bicycle for convenience of transportation but i also love to ride to clear my mind, and in the city it's not always easy doing that. there's so much noise and traffic! it would be nice to find a bike path with a beautiful and safe scenic route, any suggestions? i'm gonna try my first short-long distance ride this sunday, approximately about 20 miles just for starters, straight through Golden Gate Park along the Great Highway. pretty stoked for this weekend adventure. any bicycle adventures anyone else is having? i hope everyone has a lovely weekend and safe riding!

bicycle makeover

i have an itch to makeover my wendy, the red schwinn roadbike, with new cruiser handle bars and a wire front basket very similiar to the picture above. i don't know if many of you ladies ride a road bike with drop bars but i'm starting to experience mid back and wrist pains as a result of old bicycle injuries and being such a little woman. i find that sitting upright puts less pressure on my back and wrist, where i experience much of my riding pain, so i've opted to make my bike more comfortable. i actually look forward to this makeover as i'm going to be installing these new parts myself, i've read the manuals and books a dozen times already. i've chosen to stick with Nitto Promenade Handlebars and a Wald Small Shallow Basket, i'm not too educated about the quality of these products but if anyone has any experiences to share about these products, please do... i'm all ears. i'll be ordering these parts very soon and i look forward to sharing the new look and experience of d.i.y. bike look.

strength in numbers

there is no doubt that the more cyclist there are on the road, the more safe the roads are. every time i ride home from work and there are groups of cyclist, i get super excited because i get to partake in a shared experience on the road and passion with like minded people. i know lots of friends who got their bikes only because they enjoy a weekend ride here and there, but to make a choice to live with your bike on a daily basis is a whole new lifestyle. i don't like going a day without my bike, it's a passion that i love to share and i hope that no matter what type of bike you ride, you love it, and share it.

french women and the velo

"French women and European women are much more likely to use the bicycle for convenience than Americans, who see cycling as recreation and sport. Remember, the French invented the Tour de France, yet still have not forgotten the practical use of the bike. For my mothers generation, (and those like the 122 year old Jeanne Louise Clement) riding was something women did everyday... Nowadays, most of our cycling is done in Provence, where the view, the feel of rolling hills, the olfactory splendors give us the potent sensation of being beyond workaday cares, outside of ourselves. In fact, I feel that way anytime I'm en velo."

Mirielle Guilliano, author of French Women For All Seasons

Bicycle Inspiration

photo: ewa c.
"the bicycle was the first machine to redefine successfully the notion of what is feminine. the bicycle came to symbolize something very precious to women-their independence."
-Sally Fox

Adventures: A Dahlia in Bloom

whenever i have a day off from work or school, i set out through the city on my wheels to explore what i've been missing. one thing that i've been longing to see is the Dahlia Exhibition in Golden Gate Park that shows every summer. Dahlia's are my favorite flowers and i didn't want to miss out on their blooms this summer. it's a beautiful sight to behold and i strongly recommend a lovely ride to the exhibition and perhaps a picnic afterwards since the Conservatory of flowers is there and a sight to behold itself. another reason why i love summer: dahlia's in bloom.

meet the girls: wendy and charlotte

no doubt i love bikes, especially the cute and stylish ones. but these are my swhinn girls: bottom is wendy bird (or wendy), and top is charlotte. i have a thing for naming my bikes (or objects) after literary characters which sums the names of my bikes. wendy bird is from wendy of peter pan and charlotte is named after charlotte bronte the writer of jane eyre. i guess when you mix a literary geek with bikes, or anything else, you have a slew of objects named after writers, hence my cat named shakespeare. i'm interested in knowing how you named your bikes, i like stories, please do share.

10 reasons why i love summer riding...

10. riding and breaking into song because the sun is out.
9. waking up to a cool breeze in an early morning ride.
8. daily doses of vitamin d= happy and safe riders.
7. no train (muni) rides= no fog, no rain.
6. group rides to the park and beach.
5. after work, an evening ride is always looked forward to since the sun is still out.
4. wearing bright and colorful dresses and skirts.
3. road is dry, less breaking, easy riding, less maintenance.
2. daily adventures and discoveries on bike.
1. summer isn't official till you ride in the sun.

taking on the road...

San Francisco's Bicycle Coalition is opening free Urban Cycling Workshops to the public, offering tips and guides to safer cycling. The introductory course is perfect for new cyclists and those that want to feel confident and comfortable riding in an urban environment. Classes will cover basics of safe cycling to knowing a cyclists' legal rights and responsibilities. I strongly recommend this course especially if your new at cycling in an urban city. Happy safe cycling!

safety on the road home...

i generally have a pretty safe 5 mile bike ride home from work but tonight was rather testy. on valencia street at 15th st i was almost attacked. needless to say that i got away safely by speeding up and moving into the car lane whilst yelling stop and holding my u-lock as a defense weapon against the attacker. i just have never had an experience like that before and i'm wondering if other bicycling commuting women in the city or anywhere else has had a similar experience? and how do you defend yourself from such an attack while on bike?

i bike sf: july features upper market/castro

This July, I Bike SF features neighborhood Upper Market/Castro and participating businesses in offering great discounts to cyclist who bring in their helmet or bike lock.

Gas Free Fridays SF

SF Bike Coalition is encouraging residents to get on their bikes and pledge independence from oil every Friday of July. Most trips in San Francisco are about 2 miles and easily accessible on bike, so grab your friends, get on a bike, and ride to one of SFBC's service stations and receive free coffee and snacks on Fridays of July!

Service Stations:
july 9, market @ 12th st, 8-10am
july 16th, irving at 17th, 8-10am
july 13, northpoint and embarcader, 8-10am
july 30th, valencia @ 17th, 8-10am
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