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i have an itch to makeover my wendy, the red schwinn roadbike, with new cruiser handle bars and a wire front basket very similiar to the picture above. i don't know if many of you ladies ride a road bike with drop bars but i'm starting to experience mid back and wrist pains as a result of old bicycle injuries and being such a little woman. i find that sitting upright puts less pressure on my back and wrist, where i experience much of my riding pain, so i've opted to make my bike more comfortable. i actually look forward to this makeover as i'm going to be installing these new parts myself, i've read the manuals and books a dozen times already. i've chosen to stick with Nitto Promenade Handlebars and a Wald Small Shallow Basket, i'm not too educated about the quality of these products but if anyone has any experiences to share about these products, please do... i'm all ears. i'll be ordering these parts very soon and i look forward to sharing the new look and experience of d.i.y. bike look.


cb said...

um yes! i get wrist pains so it is important that i don't put a ton of pressure on my hands when more up right handle bars are better for me rather then the drop handle bars...
we have had a few wald products and they are really solid great products! but remember that since it is a metal basket in the front plus whatever you add in your basket will make the front heavier... my wicker basket is perfect because it isn't heavy...we had an extra large basket on maryjane and it was a wobbly ride and the front will would always swing and she could never stand up we removed it although it was pretty awesome!

can't wait to see!

city girl rides said...

chris, the boyfriend reminded me of that too! i think with cruiser handle bars it will make it easier (at least that's my experience now with charlotte who weights 30lbs + whatever i put in basket). i don't know if you've have this experience but with drop bars i don't feel as in control of my front wheel and maybe thats a result of sitting forward. i'm hoping it will change my experience to a more controllable and comfortable ride. i can't wait to share it and see what a difference it makes on my ride.

p.s. thank you for the wald review! very helpful.

Coaster said...

Just Google'd "diy bicycle makeover" and this post was first up. I work at a bicycle shop, and we've been 'upgrading' a ton of older drop bar bicycles with Northroad handlebars.

Northroads, also called "touring" bars sometimes, are similar to what used to be on old English 3 speeds. They are narrower than "cruiser" handlebars, but have the comfortable swept back position. I use the ones by Wald called 'touring' handlebars.

My preferred bars are only about $12 retail - but you also need to change the brake levers, add grips, and run new cables. At our shop we have a "Northroad Swap" special. $80 including all parts and labor. (doesn't include shifters, as those are usually on the stem or downtube on these bicycles). Wald baskets are $20.

The Northroad/basket combo makes a bicycle like yours awesome. The brakes will work better with the new levers, too.

All the best!
Chris Harne

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