happy friday riders!

there is something that i've been strongly considering in bicycle performance, long distance riding. i mean like 50 mile rides. i love my bicycle for convenience of transportation but i also love to ride to clear my mind, and in the city it's not always easy doing that. there's so much noise and traffic! it would be nice to find a bike path with a beautiful and safe scenic route, any suggestions? i'm gonna try my first short-long distance ride this sunday, approximately about 20 miles just for starters, straight through Golden Gate Park along the Great Highway. pretty stoked for this weekend adventure. any bicycle adventures anyone else is having? i hope everyone has a lovely weekend and safe riding!


cb said...

we have done a really great ride go through crissy fields and up to the golden gate bridge and then down to sausalito and there is a nice path that goes through mill valley or you can ride out to angel island..both really great rides!

let me know if you do these and i would love to hear your experience!


Ocean Beach said...

Sounds like great fun! Let us know what you think of your jaunt through far-west SF!


Jeni @ peppertowne.com said...

it sounds wonderful! Can't wait to hear about your adventure.

ps you're blog is perfect. i love it

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