summer riding

it is incredibly hot in sf this week. perhaps a little too hot for riding comfortably and healthy. there are plenty of ways of keeping yourself summer healthy on the road. through my experience thus far i've learned to keep super hydrated, wear sunblock, wear light clothing, carry work wear in a bag or basket and change there, ride early while it's cool, wearing a hat comes in handy to keep the sun out of my face (even if i have to ditch the helmet), and wearing sunglasses to keep me from squinting and aware of the road all adds up to having a safe and comfortable ride in the heat.

do any ladies out their have any tips or advice on keeping healthy and safe on the summer hot roads? how do you spend your hot summer days on your bike?

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cb said...

dresses to the trick for me and having a tiny little snack just in case i start to feel a little weak.


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