bicycling into fall

i love fall and i love Marianne from esme and the lane way , this photo is the perfect sight for myself in regards to fall cycle wear. a beautiful reflective cape, leggings, gloves, etc. 

things i look forward to fall in...
bicycling in the cool crisp air
golden leaves
pumpkin patches and pie
pumpkin spice lattes
wool sweaters, gloves, and scarves (yet, i wear those year around in sf)
dia de los muertos (and again, i'm going all out with Wendy for this year too).
Halloween! (already have my costume planned).
northern california's colorful autumn change, a sight to behold via cyclotour 

what are your favorite things about autumn?


cb said...

thanks for the wonderful comment sweetie! i need to wear my cape now that it is fall! i just haven't found a brooch i like to hold the cape on me!
i love the way fall just smells the picture of falling leaves and wood burning in the cold crisp air!


city girl rides said...

your welcome! and please do wear the cape and show it off in your bike chick tip post. im still looking for one!

wood smell, i love that smell.

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