feliz dia de la independencia: fe y la bicicleta

photo: fe
feliz dia de la independencia Mexico!
gracias to my ancestors and familia who have fought to save the land on which our people loved.
recently i had the blessing of meeting one of my greatest inspirations, Fe, xicana artist, activist, organizer, educator etc. this womyn is who i want to be when i grow up. a few weeks ago Fe asked me to help her in finding a bike. without hesitating i gave her some advice to find the perfect bicicleta for her. when she found her match she sent me this photo from a performance art/drum ceremony riding her new wheels. don't you just love the doll on the handle bars?! i was thrilled to share it with you because honestly, i believe in the power of her work and the power of the bicicleta too. 
just to see how amazing and talented this mujer is, i share her video and poetry "indepedence day"

fe, felicidades on your new bicicleta.

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