reasons to bicycle

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over the last 3 months i started to find daily reasons to bicycle. i call them "todays reason to bicycle." these reasons are sort of like a ritual in which i have to find something wonderful about my daily experience on bicycle. i haven't shared them on this blog and i didn't only because it was a type of spur of the moment experience which i was allowed to easily share on twitter or facebook via phone. yay for spontaneity! but i'm going to get into the habit of sharing them here only because i feel like readers would be able to share a little of their reasons to bicycle too. 
here are a few old posts of my favorite reasons to bicycle, cause there's a reason everyday: 

todays reason to bicycle:
waking up to an early morning ride with all green lights while breaking your speed record.
life is too important to waste in a bus, car, or train, there is always an adventure to have along the bike path.
the wind on yourface when you ride you 30lb bike up a hill never felt so good.
so much to explore in any weather condition, anytime, anywhere.
riding with friends makes the road so much more fun, especially when the little mermaid becomes a musical on bikes.
bicycling is like coffee, you feel like crap without it, you can't wake up without it.
being at 98% better in health is as good as 100%, let's ride!
make your own breeze and ride like the wind!
make friends on the road, tell them you like their sweet ride.
*ring ring ring* everywhere!
and todays reason to bicycle: find inspiration around you.
find reasons everyday and don't hesitate to adopt this ritual as long as you share.


cb said...

these are great and i have to say ditto to all of them too! have you heard of the queen song, bicycle race? that is totally the song that plays in my head when i am not riding my bike! love it!...get on your bike and ride, yahhooo! isn't it great to find something that you love so much...such a great feeling!!!


Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

I absolutely agree!

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