weekend ride recap.

what an eventful weekend and i'm just barely blogging about it! so i decided for the bonfire that i would just take a good ride out to ocean beach and boy was it good. there was heavy fog and eerie darkness everywhere! i was well prepared with warm clothing, lighting, coffee, and food. i was just extremely tired since i had been up since 4am. come to think of it, i use my legs a lot and needless to say i was feeling the good 16 mile ride post run the following sunday. i loved every moment of it as i had the entire road to myself. the heavy mist upon my face and the will power of endurance on the road. i hope to organize a nice ride with friends soon since it's something i hope to share with you all. ah, the thrill!

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cb said...

sounds fantastic! a bike ride through eerie fog....what a great fall ride!


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