wendy's getting a makeover

a long awaited bike makeover for wendy has been due. i mentioned in a previous post (bicycle makover) that i had wanted to change out her drop bars to cruiser bars. well, since i have extra time on my hands this week i'm getting started on her. last night the boyfriend and i struggled to take her handlebars, brakes, and cables off to fit in her new Nitto cruiser bars, and boy we were so happy we accomplished that step. she feels like a champ already but we still have much work to do, we should be done very soon. 


cb said...

she looks sooo pretty!!!!! what type of grips are you putting on her?

oh by the way, the waffle house is in alameda, get off at the fruitvale station and have a great bike ride into alameda!

oh i stole your picture with your awesome skirt for my thursday post, hope you don't mind!


city girl rides said...

cb,i have decided which grips to put on her. i'm going to freewheel to check theirs out as i did not like any of valencia cyclery's. any suggestions?

thanks for the heads up on the waffle house

i don't mind about the photo that skirt needs to be shown off. have fun with it!

cb said...

box dogs is good, i like them...then there is another place on stanyon next to kezar stadium not sure the name of that one but it is on the same side of the street as the stadium...those are the shops we liked to frequent..

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