sf events to ride to...

This weekend is going to be jam packed with lots of fun;
 The Ferry Building Marketplace celebrates its eight annual Harvest Festival 
October 29th – 31st, 2010, 
with a range of free events including varietal Honey Tasting, Live Music, Face Painting and a Barnyard by the Bay.

Sunday, October 31

Meet: 9:30 at Mojo Bicycle Cafe, 639 Divisadero, between Hayes & Grove

Start: 10 am sharp

(If you're running late, join the group in the Panhandle or call Lenore for location)

End: about noon with drinks and lunch at Duboce Park Cafe, corner of Duboce & Sanchez

Easy to moderate 8 mile ride
All level riders welcome; kids on own bike OK if with guardian

Spooky pets too if on leash or in bike basket

You Will Want to be in Costume! It's Halloween!

More info: Lenore @415-300-6744,
Wondering what to do with kids in costumes on Halloween before the trick-or-treating starts?
The Friends of Noe Valley Rec Center is throwing a free Halloween Carnival from 11AM - 3PM at the Rec Center this Sunday Oct. 31 (295 Day at Sanchez/30th Streets). The fair includes games, a pet parade, a children's costume parade, pumpkin carving and traveling musicians.

Halloween, Sunday, October 31st
i know everyone will be out and about doing their own thing to celebrate. the boyfriend and i decided to do couple themed halloween costumes and are dressing as Mary Poppins and Bert the Chimney Sweeper, super fun! noe valley is absolutely adorable with kids in costumes so serving candy is our duty to bring smiles.

i hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween weekend. remember to ride safely!


game 2 of the world series was intense and again the giants really made their city proud ending with a shutout win of 9-0. the city has been intense with fans and locals celebrating in the streets, the last two nights i've been riding i can hear groups of fans celebrating and cheering as i pass by sports bars and pubs on my way home. it makes me smile to see locals gathering in pride of their home team. we have a few more games to go but i believe the Giants and SF will have their victory.

city of orange.

giants played a great game last night, giants win game 1 of the world series over the texas rangers 11-7, hot damn i say. the city was blushing of orange yesterday with muni cable cars and drivers such as the one above. today brings us another round of game 2. still crossing my fingers and expecting another wooping! keep it up GIANTS!


there's nothing more exciting than having your home team make it to the world series which starts today. go giants!
the SFBC has bike parking for the Giant's game so make sure to check out the website for info cause sf, muni, and city parking is going to be a hot mess.
fashion in wheels of change

fashion in wheels of change

i'm always interested in fashion and bicycles. funny how those two things come hand in hand when it came to the womens liberation movement. here's a small excerpt of such from the documentary, Victorian Cycles Wheels of Change.

good morning commute.

i keep hearing how wet the city has been this past weekend but i woke up to a sunny autumn morning. perfection for sunglasses, a cute outfit, and an early morning am ride to work. i love these red leggings, they match wendy!

sf events to ride to

sf has been one crazy busy city these last two weeks, thank goodness to the giants game, our economy is happy. this weekend is filled with bicycle events goodness starting tonight with Art Crank SFO's poster party, posters provided by local SF artist and bicycle enthusiast hosted at SF Chrome Messenger Bags. saturday is the big event Giants vs. Phillies, the determining world series game, so come on boys, make your city proud! sunday brings you a grand finale of this years Sunday Streets in Civic Center/Tenderloin. rain or shine, so bring your umbrella just in case. as we all know, voting is important, it's good to know what's on the ballot but it's even better to know what your voting for. the SFBC is hosting Bike the Vote Friday's where they encourage locals to get on their bikes and become acquainted with bike friendly candidates for Novembers San Francisco Board of Supervisors election, provided by their fuel stations enticing you with coffee and snacks 8-10am along with a i bike/vote pin.

i hope everyone has a safe and lovely weekend. i'll be out of town having my own bit of fun! 
peace, love, and bicycle grease

bici y la taqueria

i sort of dress coordinated with la corneta, my favorite mission taqueria on mission between 23rd and 24th, there's something about the horchata there that i just can't get enough of. during the semester i pick a day to take time to get away from my responsibilities and have lunch by myself, usually at la corneta, a little ritual i adopted two years ago. being in the mission reminds me of home as i hear spanish being spoken and children running around. a nice getaway from the academic life. rituals are good to have, they offer a balance to life, biking is that way too. it's the little things though that add a lot right?

lock em up

downtown powel st/bart center lacks bicycle racks sadly, so i always end up locking wendy up against these rails. in this photo there are mine and two other friends bikes locked up together for extra locking as we all feel safe that with more bikes locked up closely, it would be hard to steal. this spot is right in front of bank of america above powell bart station where there could be more bike racks...hint hint. if it wasn't for my laziness, i would have locked them up in mint plaza where there is a blue bottle but at this point i was way caffeinated for some downtown shopping.

bicycle stimulants

found this mug in a thrift store. got it because it's so true.

a tweed of a peak

so sorry to keep everyone in suspense of this past sundays sf tweed ride. it was my first tweed ride ever so i wanted to really have fun with this. unfortunately it started raining in the morning and kept on till about 1pm. a lot of people decided to not show up because of the rain but for us tweed core chaps we decided to ride along rain or shine, what's a tweed right without proper English weather ey? i haven't been able to post more photos from the camera, so busy filling out applications for a student visa as i got accepted to study abroad in Paris this Spring! but here is a sneak peek of the dashing threads i wore, tally ho, enjoy!

sf events to ride to

i feel like the last few weekends have been jam packed with exciting local events, much obliged. some exciting events this weekend here in sf are the Treasure Island Music Festival with a great lineup of amazing bands, this saturday is the Bikesotoberfest in Marin filled with bikes, beer, and food, and this sunday is the SF Tweed Autumn Ride. i'm really counting on the weather cooling down as it has been hot here in sf. i'm gathering a few folks for the ride sunday so if anyone would like a group to tag along with contact me at hope to see you around!

unite six!

here's a little bike photo love a la adrienne johnson of change your life ride a bike from the annual unite bike meet up. the crowd we had was small but we had a blast as we rode around the fountains ringing our bike bells. we were hoping to meet others there but that weekend was busy with city events and excitement, seriously, i had to leave a patti smith concert just to get to the photo shoot on time! hopefully we will have more united bikes next year but here's to the united six representing sf!

cute finds

i recently purchased these reflective bike helmet bows from etsy shop onetwothreespeed and am pleased to share how adorable and happy they make a plain bike helmet look. they are perfect for fall commuting as it's starting to become darker earlier in the evenings. besides putting a silly light or reflective tape on my helmet, i thought these bows would be adorably perfect for those late night rides.

good morning commute.

one of my favorite things about my morning commute is the multiple cyclists you get to ride with. there is such a diversity of people on their bikes in the morning with whom you share a lot in common with like bikes, commuting to work, enjoying the open morning air. it's nothing like a commute on bart or muni where you are only aware of your paper, coffee, and time. sometimes it's nice to meet people on the road and say good morning or nice bike, and once you separate, you depart with wishing each other a great day. i love this experience because it creates a since of community on the road even for just a minute or so. making friends on the road just adds a little adventure to my morning commute too. 

a tired and ranty cyclist, brought to you by muni

after my friday night adventures i came home to find a war zone in front of my house brought to you by Muni. everyone knows how much i hate Muni and if you don't know what Muni is, it is San Francisco's Municipal Transportation railways and buses. it is a huge mess as they continue to raise fair and work inefficiently. i'm not a fan of Muni at all, i avoid it at all cost, it is my worst enemy as i live next to a main railway and have learned to sleep through screeching rails and train horns that run through every 10-20 mins. the j line is infamous and deemed the worst muni line. and clearly by the looks of this photo, it's just that, a hot mess. so much for sleeping this weekend as all i hear is war.

happy friday

happy friday! above is wendy posing with two skulls in spirits of dia de los muertos. this weekend should be exciting in sf as somarts opens rio's exhibit for a dia de los  muertos art show today "honoring revolution with healing of visions." it's also fleet week so i'll be staring into the sky watching the blue angels fly above, along with the masses of giant fans rooting through sf streets to the playoffs, Go Giants! good thing i'll be on bike all weekend dodging congested muni lines of enthusiastic fan noise and celebrations! also, this saturday is the safe cycling class which i hope some of you were able to get into and the rest is up to freedom and my wheels leading me wherever they please in hopes of getting in a long distance ride this weekend as i anticipate great weather here in sf.

although spirits are high and the sun is shining, i only ask that you all ride safely and respectively with regards of others who share the road with you. we've had a lot of bicycle accidents here in sf this week and it's heartbreaking to hear when a fellow cyclist is badly injured or killed. be safe and take care of each other on the road.
peace, love, and bicycle grease

bicycles and dia de los muertos

this friday night launches a somarts dia de los muertos art show "honoring revolution with healings of vision."

artist rio yanez and rene yanez took some super cool photo's of chicana riders mayra and meli, well known ladies within the bicycle and latino community here in sf. check out the photo's on meli's blog at bikes and the city and check out mayra's blog at hella breezys . show some love and support your local artist and bicycle enthusiast by checking out the art work between oct 8-nov 6. opening reception is this friday oct 8 from 6pm to 9pm, more info on rio's blog.

ladies safe cycling workshop

i'm all about sharing resources with women, especially when it comes to their safety and cycling. so i thought sharing this safe cycling workshop would be useful to some of you sf ladies out their who would like to become more comfortable on the crazy city roads. 
here's a little info: In the spirit of empowering female riders, the SFBC is proud to offer this full bike education course for self-identified women only, and taught by a female instruct. Class will cover the basics for how to choose the right bike and properly fit a helmet. Learn tips for the safest ways to ride in traffic, techniques to avoid or deal with road hazards and emergency maneuvers along with other useful gems of knowledge, like the best way to lock up your bike and how to use a bike in combination with public transit, and cyclists' legal rights and responsibilities. Adults and anyone over 14 years of age are welcome, preregistration is required. Bring your lunch or dinner. No bicycle is needed for this class.

i signed up for the class as it would be educational for myself and so i can share info with you riders out there. if you want more info just click on the safe cycling workshop link above. space is limited so sign up asap!

sf events to ride to

i wasn't aware of this till yesterday but mission bike portraits are today! mission bike portraits are about telling your personal story about what your bike means to you. one rider writes "i use my bike for work, fun, and exploring the city. and exercise. i feel so much better after riding my bike! i have no stress"- jennifer salano.
since i won't be able to make it out, i hope some of you can, or if you can't, perhaps we can write here what our bike means to us...

ovarian psycos/cycles brigade l.a.

i recently had the pleasure of befriending some of these ladies from the ovarian psyco-cycles of L.A. and was totally inspired by their brigade. these ladies started a riding group for women to create communities amongst themselves and local neighborhoods in L.A, partaking in community activities like Spokes and Words, Critical Mass L.A., CicLavia etc. L.A. is my first home and it's so amazing to see people utilize the bike for community building, but hey, maybe we can start some of this ish here in s.f.
if there are any L.A. women out their who would love to join these rides, contact them at, they would love more riders to support.

bicycle photo love

found this vintage photo in heavy metal bikes shop where dan and his lovely dog sophia run the show. love the vintage outfits, bikes, and words of empowerment. 

good morning commute.

good morning, by now i am on my daily commute to work downtown in the financial district. there are so many wonderful things about my morning commute like the quiet rodes, the crisp morning air, the massive amounts of bicyclists. i usually find something lovely about my rides where i get my daily inspiration of reasons to bicycle. this photo is from yesterdays mid-morning commute where the weather was perfect and the air was as fresh as a daisy. one of my happiest commutes by bike thus far. hope everyone has a great day!

sf events to ride to

this sunday is unite bike. for sf we will be meeting at the music concourse in front of the academy of sciences at 5pm.

 ride starts at 10am at Public Bikes in 123 South Park Ave.
follow on twitter if you plan on meeting up for the art distribution later.

there will be bike parking valet provided by SFBC, but bring your lock just in case it's too full.

there are so many fun and exciting happenings this weekend! be safe and have fun riding!
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