good morning commute.

good morning, by now i am on my daily commute to work downtown in the financial district. there are so many wonderful things about my morning commute like the quiet rodes, the crisp morning air, the massive amounts of bicyclists. i usually find something lovely about my rides where i get my daily inspiration of reasons to bicycle. this photo is from yesterdays mid-morning commute where the weather was perfect and the air was as fresh as a daisy. one of my happiest commutes by bike thus far. hope everyone has a great day!


cb said...

awesome, i am loving this new part of downtown, it is sooo great to ride on...speaking of about next sunday? i will come to the city...anywhere you have in mind?

can't wait!


city girl rides said...

next sunday is a date! i made sure of it. as far as i know it's oct 17th and it's SF's autum tweed ride. i say we dapper up our frocks and spin our wheels together this day.

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