sf events to ride to


for more info click on links below banners, all events this weekend have bike valet/parking provided by SFBC. i anticipate to see a lot of friends pedaling to the sf bike expo. i look foward to meeting a lot of you bloggy bike ladies out their and chatting it up about fashion, life,and bikes! see you there. 


cb said...

so i think i am going to try and go early tomorrow...try for 12 or earlier although mary won't be attending :( a little sad about that but i couldn't drag myself to bart this morning at 6:39 AM!!!!!! that is the last bus that you can get on with a bike...so so lame...so i will be walking to the sf expo tomorrow..lame! oh well can't wait!!! soosososososo excited! hope to see you there lady!!


city girl rides said...

aw, sad face! either way i'm happy to meet up with you and walk along to the expo. i don't mind at all. will call you later today.

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