Cycling: A Guide to Menstruation

There is an important topic that a few women have touched based on in the cycling community, our menstrual cycles. It's a touchy and hush hush topic for some but if many of you know me, I'm not silent to this particular subject, it's important to know one's body. I ran into this adorable book at my local bike shop, Cycling: A Guide to Menstruation, which combines well-researched information with the feel of a graphic novel. Here's a little snippet about the book:
 "Using charming illustrations, [Cycling] it is an empowering do-it-yourself guide to menstruation and an accessible educational tool for women of all ages. Cycling not only covers the basics of the menstrual cycle but also explores such topics as the history of menstrual products, the pseudoscience of "menotoxins," the possibilities of modern-day moon lodges, and more. The book is both entertaining, engaging, and is designed to make women feel good about their bodies and good about menstruation."

I appreciate this book so much because it comes from a holistic point of view, going back to how women treated their bodies naturally and used their menstruation as a time of creativity and empowerment, rather than from a clinical perspective that inflicts menstrual injustice on our bodies by our society. 

There are a few pages you can see on their facebook page and you can find it on Zoo Mouse Key Press. I highly recommend this charm for any women who wants to know more about their cycles.

things i ♥ about fall cycling

i love fall. there is a magical feeling i get when riding my bike around and witnessing the changes of the season. there are so many reasons to love this season but here are some of things i love about riding in the fall:
watching trees and scenic routes change color.
the sound of the fallen leaves crunching under my tires.
riding in the crisp air.
wearing layers, gloves, scarf, beanie etc.
smart wool sweaters for those 40 degree morning rides.
a crisp apple to eat after a long ride to school.
night riding with bright moon lighting.
drinking chai tea to warm up before or after a ride.

what do you love about riding in the fall?
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