spring time is here!

spring and sunshine are here! oh my! 
there are so many reasons to love spring but seriously my favorite has to be that there is more daylight to be out and ride. i took my bike out for a sunny spin today just to feel the warmth since it's been cold and wet lately and it felt goooooood.
 i feel a surge of excitement for spring coming from everywhere on the internet. do tell, what's your favorite thing about spring?


it's been quiet in these parts but life lately has been full of research work, writing, studying for midterms, non stop listening to radiohead, sigur ros, bach cello suites, drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee, getting a few hours of sleep, working on projects, and walking in the rain. i can say that it has been a really exhausting two weeks but i'm finally done worrying and can now... breath and relax.

i miss you all and hope to find out what you are all up to?! for now, i'm gonna watch a handful of bad tv and movies to unwind my brain.
support INNAjam

support INNAjam

when i lived in San Francisco, i lived next to a boutique shop that sold local products made by crafters and artisans from the Bay Area. i used to make visits every now and then to the owner of this shop to catch up on new products and neighborhood gossip while also being able to share my blog about bicycling. one day, as i made my round of visits, the owner had pulled me aside and told me about this girl who made this amazing jam called INNAjam. she gave me sample just to try to see if i would like it. i remember it was plum and when i took my first taste my eyes brightened and i bought three jars to last me for the season. to top off my excitement, i was also told that the girl who delivers this jam would do so by bicycle. now, i'm sure you can imagine how excited i was to find that out, so i search for INNAjam on the web, became a follower on twitter and tumblr and have been a supporter and devotee to this purpose and jam since!

when i found out that Daphna of INNAjam wanted to open a commercial kitchen in Emeryville, you couldn't believe how excited i was for her. as expensive as opening a commercial kitchen is, INNAjam has asked for our help to support this project.

now, i usually don't ask people to participate in something unless i really believe in its cause so
i encourage you to take some time and visit their KICKSTARTER page and support in anyway you can. if there is anything i support the most in this development, it is the IMPACT this will have on the local community, economy, organic agriculture, and artisan producers that will support it sustainably. not only would your contributions go to an amazing people supported project, it will also give you a chance to try their products. 

so, let's make it happen!

lock it up

after going through all the trouble of getting two bike wheels stolen, on top of getting some new bike gear, i've taken some extra steps to make sure nothing goes missing again. there have been endless stories being circulated on the internet about stolen bikes and parts and it's got me a little paranoid about having another episode. to make myself feel a little better, i've changed my commute route and bart station. 

in addition, i got an extra u-lock and cable to lock my saddle, and as you can see in the photo, my front and rear wheel is locked up with my frame as well as my rear wheel. it takes a little more time for me to make this happen but my bike is worth it!!

do i seem a little paranoid? maybe, i don't know, probably, i don't care. i love my bike.

have sunny days. will happily bike.

sun drenched days and crazy winds, i'm still a happy panda just to get out and ride even if it means pedaling like a grannie. with the near arrival of spring i'm starting to feel a spectacular flurry of creative energy and productivity- the kind that's giving me new ideas and projects for home and the blog. this early march so far seems to be filled with lots of bike rides, late night study sessions, coffee runs, dinner dates with friends, morning runs with the dog, and a few community projects to keep me busy. i had just finished giving old wendy a new bell, grips, and saddle and i'm loving the new comfort i have. the excitement for new things with spring with the promises of adventures in the city are just around the corner and i can't wait.

chain love

goodnight little spoon

the adorable and creative Bianca over at Goodnight Little Spoon has to be one of the most creative girls i know who adorns her bike with color, lots of color. she shares a little d.i.y. idea about making a bike spoke cards color wheel.

had a good laugh at this song... performance.

momentum magazine has a q & a from some of my favorite fashion bloggers who love bikes.

on a serious note, usually cyclists are always offering advice on how to safely cycle around drivers, but here is one for drivers on how to drive with and around cyclists.

drivers tend to think cyclists know where everything is, including gas stations, but Bikey Face pretty much tells it like it is when we get city questions for directions and such.

oh, and don't forget to pedal on over to Change Your Life. Ride a Bike! to wish the Calitexican a belated feliz cumpleanos (happy birthday)

and i gave the old blog a new look, what do you think?!
have a good weekend.

Book Review: On Bicycles

I just completed reading On Bicycles: 50 Ways the New Bike culture Can Change Your Life edited by Amy Walker, cofounder of Momentum magazine. Amy Walker opens up the collaboration by sharing her experience living in various cities and commuting by bike, many of which was about San Francisco which I completely connected to immediately. I was mostly impressed by the wide group of cycling writers who contributed to sharing the ways that biking can change, and is changing, lives and cities. The perspectives from activist, policy makers, business owners, parents, and planners opens a dialogue for North Americans who would like to start using a bicycle as a means for commuting and fun.

There is a lot of interactive information starting from Why We Ride, Bike Style, Transporting Kids, Activism, Different Types of Bikes, Women and the Benefits of Biking, Bike Business, and thoughts on redesigning infrastructure and culture to encourage safe and better cycling in cities. It's definitely friendly to those who aren't knowledgeable about city planning, bicycles, or bike culture and would be a great gift for someone who's interested in making the change from car to bike or incorporating their family into commuting by bike.

It's great to see a collaboration like this while every page is filled with something adventurous and new for even someone like me whose been in the know for a bit now. iIm a huge fan of community building to bringing in change for sustainable development and this was one of those knowledge tools that has empowered me to take activism to new level.

new bike gear!

i've been in the mood for upgrading some bike accessories mainly because i got a new saddle and have lost some stuff in the past few months. i've been eyeing some adorable stuff from Public Bikes, especially the Mini Dots helmet by Nutcase, so i went on a spree and got these finds. can't wait to give old wendy a makeover and be ready for spring riding. 

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