for the love of adventure!

after a long trip out of the city, i'm feeling incredibly restless and a desire to be outside exploring. i guess a whole semester of hiding indoors does that to you. i'm planning out some bike tours throughout the east bay this coming season and making it a point to get my summer fun on my bike. i just haven't had enough of green sceneries, rolling hills, and new adventures. the climate here lately in the bay area has been so lovely and just perfect for such excursions, i see so much opportunity for making great trips outdoors. usually when summer approaches i'm incredibly energized and ready to get out and learn new things, discover new places, and try new experiences. 

can't wait to share these adventures with you, there's nothing else quiet like an adventure that's good for the soul.

late adventures

i'm back from a lovely trip in Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. this was my first time vacationing on this side of the continent and what i found was absolute bliss and a desire to never leave. the rolling hills, stretching green lands, rivers, quiet roads, friendly folks, and the absolute stillness of mind was exactly what i needed after a hard working semester. now it's back to life and giving the city of oakland a shot of fulfilling what i had left behind on the east coast, my heart. 
i'll gradually be sharing pic of my adventures, even the mountain trail biking trip i did, it was my first! hope you all have been well and haven't missed me too much. 

happy bike to work day!

Happy Bike to Work Day Bay Area!
all over the bay we are celebrating our annual bike to work day event with fun events, goodies, and an after work bike party/happy hour. speaking of parties and happy hours...
Oakland will be hosting theirs in Old Oakland, 9th and Washington Street, 5-8:30pm.
San Francisco will be hosting theirs at Public Works, 161 Erie St (Near Mission and 14th St), 6-9pm.
i don't work today, that's for the weekends, but i will be riding to my second to last final this afternoon in Berkeley then to Oakland's bike happy hour. if you're there, come say hi! i'll be taking pictures of all the action. 

more shine

hot coffee on a hot morning, a wood pecker waking the neighborhood up at 5 am, and a morning ride to the library for finals studying. i can't believe it's my finals week and i'm feeling pretty confident about all that's ahead of me. i can't say enough that the end of the semester came in perfect time as the constant warm sun has bless our days. with all this sun, i'm making some exciting plans this summer, a community gardening class, a trip to mexico, and building my own herb garden.

also to celebrate the last week of school, it's bike to work day this thursday. Oakland will be having a Bike Happy Hour Party in Old Oakland to celebrate Bike to Work Day and you're all invited this Thursday, May 10! look for me! i'll be the girl with the camera taking pictures and having a grand time. hope to see you there.

happy friday

well happy friday, sunshine, and coffee! it's been a long week of studying and writing massive policy papers on biofuel production and groundwater contamination. i'm quite over writing science papers so i'm taking a little break to enjoy my life outside confined walls of libraries and my home while getting a little sun.
  i realize that i only have one more week of school, studying, and finals! then it's off to boston! i have yet to do any research on what's cool and not but i intend to just explore things once i get there without any major agenda till i find something i want to experience. and of course a bike ride is definitely needed, so that's where you come in! 
bike rentals, bike paths, bikey things, events, and information are needed. and i know many of my followers are from boston, so what do you have to say boston kids?! hook a california girl up and show me how you do it!

may is bike month!

it's may! yay! and may is national bike month, which puts most of us on the brink of excitement because what else is better to do than ride your bicycle all month long in the spring weather? for some of us, last months 30 days of biking was a great challenge to get us going the distance, now this time the Team Bike Challenge is celebrating bike month with a challenge emphasis on team effort, and there's a competition! the team that rides the most miles, wins! needless to say, i'm always up for a good game, saving the planet, and working with others at it. if you're interested in joining, sign up, and and let's join forces!

i'm really looking forward to all the bikey fun and celebrations here in oakland, like Bike to Work Day! what are your cities doing to celebrate bike month?
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