hola, from puerto vallarta!

hola, i'm currently in puerto vallarta, mexico, enjoying the serene beauty, good food, and company. my heart is happy and content here. there is nothing like a a little traveling to calm the soul and mind. hope to share more with you in the next couple of days the amazing experience this place is.
hasta luego.

summer wanderlust

just when i think i'm settled from traveling, i'm reminded that it's not quite over yet. i still have yet to completely unpack from my trip to the east coast and los angeles! i guess a part of me doesn't want it to end. i remember last year at this time, preparing for my trip to Paris. i was so excited to just get away from the mundane things of life and embark on a new adventure. Paris was no easy adventure to take, being thousands of miles away from family and loved ones, however, i learned more about myself in the best possible way just being alone. being on the road, traveling, seeing and learning new things teaches you something about your inner will and what you do not know about life. i love traveling, as far as time and the road can take me, i love the feeling of going into the unknown, not knowing what to expect, but committed to it, committed to learning from it, and taking the experience with me wherever i go next. this is what bicycling does for me too. i still consider myself new to the wonders of bicycling, but when i'm on the saddle, i'm completely open and committed to the journey. while summer officially greets us tomorrow, riding my bike and traveling during this season is the only thing i want to do right now. i'm sure many of you out there feel the same way too. 

bike tour guide and links

happy friday! with bike touring in the air, i thought i would share a little more of what i've been able to share in the past in case many of you are curious about planning a bike tour throughout the Bay Area this summer. it seems like so many people are getting on this and it makes me extremely excited to see so many taking on the fun. i hope this comphrensive list of links below helps enough with any of your future bike touring plans. many of them are from the blog, however come from my personal experiences and preparations. there are other great resources online that the posts below mention. feel free to contact me further if you would like to know a little more information about technicalities of bike touring in the bay. hope this helps! happy touring!

summer bike touring

hooray for some beautiful weather to count on as i plan a nice ride to Muir Beach with friends today. have any of you biked the route from SF to Muir Beach route before? anything i should know about or plan while i make this tour? i found some great resources online and feel somewhat confident about it. it's been a while since i've done a bike tour but it's that time of year for it. i got a couple of emails recently asking for guides about doing tours around the bay. from my past and recent research, here are some great suggestions and resources.

Bike and Roll: bike rental shop and gives really great direction for self guided bike tours throughout the Bay Area.
Stinson Beach Loop: for those who want to take a challenging ride and cool off at the beach.
Bay Trails: a comprehensive Bay Area bike tour guide of various bike routes covering 300 miles of bike trails. I usually use this site for all my tours.
Post-Car Adventuring: I used this guide last year for my trip out to Samuel P. Taylor Park. was an excellent reference and gave some inside knowledge of places to see, eat, and rest at.

hope this helps, happy bike touring!
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