scenes from a bday weekend

 birthdays are amazing when you're able to be with the people you want to be with, doing the exact things you want to do. i couldn't have asked for anything better than an adventure through the north bay, biking, hiking, beach bumming, and eating delicious food and ice cream by the water. there where lots of relaxing moments in between to just enjoy the loved company and beautiful surroundings that gulfed us in awe. 

 Saturday, we rented a car and stopped a few places to hike through, then drove out to Stinson beach where we were able to have a nice walk and relax by the waves. the life that was there is absolutely amazing, so many people having a great time under the sun, enjoying the outdoors and each other. it's always refreshing to rediscover these parts that are so near home, it makes me wonder why i don't go out on these trips as often as i would like to.
Sunday turned out to be a bike adventure throughout the city to Sausalito. i've done this trip before the new bike path was developed on the GG bridge and down it, which makes a world of a difference on this experience. the challenge of riding steep hills and getting wind blown just makes the experience a delight. when you have loved ones or friends in town, it's always a good idea to show them the wonders of riding the golden gate bridge to Sausalito. it' was a wonderful challenge that was rewarded with ice cream then a trip back to Fisherman's Warf for some IN-N-Out Burger's. the weather was perfect for a weekend like this and i couldn't have asked for any birthday gift better than the person who joined me on this birthday adventure.

also, thank you all for the birthday wishes. much appreciated. hope you had a great weekend.

Le Tour

TDF! i've been following like it's my religion. there's a sort of excitement i get from watching all these bikes being hauled up mountains surrounded by beautiful landscapes. i can't imagine the physical challenges these men face on a day to day basis but i admire them for their hard work! and of course i'm rooting for the Brit Wiggins! boy is killing it! (Valverde, you can have your win for today).
i remember last year in Paris watching the final race to Champ-Elysees, the city was livid, crowds of people from around the world talking about TDF history and who they think will win the final race. it was exciting and i haven't been able to keep away this year. i don't know many girls out there who are into bike sports, let alone, the TDF, but if you're interested at all in keeping up with some of the final stages arriving, check out these sites below and enjoy!

Etsy Bike Finds

bicycle ear warmers via Grettahoneycut

happy hump day! 
every now and then i'll come across some really creative and practical items for bicycling on etsy. some items above that i'm super excited about is this elegantly painted bike bell, a bike saddle cover for relief on those hot summer days, handlebar cozies where you can slip your hand in for those cold commutes, ear warmers you can attach to your helmet, and a crate for your run to the farmers market. it's always fun to come across some really great items on etsy, i'm always impressed by the creativity behind the work. there are links to the shop and product  below the photo if you're interested in learning more about it.

summer fog and days

fog. overcast. sunny. windy. sprinkling. fog. overcast. a whole days ideal weather in the bay area. this sort of weather is typical and usually has me wishing for warm sunshine all throughout the day. yet, also makes me want to crawl in my bed with a good book. not ideal if one wishes to partake in an adventure and ride throughout the town but these days i've been laying low, so to speak, and learning new things like gardening and cooking. it's the perfect time of year since school will have me glued to a text book by next month. i love summer. i usually like to use my free time to learn new things, gives me an opportunity to learn a new skill or partake on a new experience. i haven't always been good at cooking but i'm out to learn how to become better at it and boy am i making progress! gardening is something i loved doing since my old neighbor used to invite me over in spring to help with her garden when i was a teen. i enjoy doing these things which has taught me a few things about life, patience, and rewards for it. 

is there anything special you like doing with summer? what's summer like where you live?

no matter how far you go

i'm still dreaming of tropical weather, lightening storms, beaches, swimming in the ocean, and being consumed with new experiences. i haven't had much to say here in the last few days in regards to bicycles, just that traveling has been an adventure and blessing for me this last year. i used to travel a lot when i was younger, trips to mexico were frequent, romania, england, hungary, and throughout north america. i'm still making plans to get out and see more of the world, not sure how i'll do it, but i will. i read this amazing post on Converge Magazine, it was titled "Why You Should Travel Young."  one phrase that caught my attention the most was "Experience the world for all it's worth. Become a person of culture, adventure, and compassion." i couldn't agree more. i have a friend who was recently in Africa whom i've been following up on. her story of falling in love with Africa, its people, culture, music, etc. was breathtaking. she was challenged with her experiences, trusting in a higher power to give her clarity, meaning to her path, a call in life. i guess this is the adventure we find when we place ourselves in unfamiliar situations. we learn to adapt but that takes time and can be frustrating but hopeful. in these times, life is the grand adventure we're learning that will determine our future.

this post isn't about bikes but adventure. i know it's hard for many of us to travel; expenses, time, jobs, managing families or homes, etc, however, one thing i loved about riding a bicycle and living in the bay area, is that i have so much more of california to explore. those bike tours are still calling me and although i may not be able to make a trip out of the country, i can make one here where i'm surrounded with beautiful mountains, forests, beaches, rolling hills, and lovely new people who are taking on their own adventure. traveling is good, no matter how far you go, go for the experience.
hope you all enjoy your weekend. 
happy friday!

happy fourth!

happy fourth of july my american friends. i just got back from mexico (picture above was taken on the beach of puerto vallarta) but now i'm in los angeles with my familia. we are spending the day the right way, on the beach. i hope you all enjoy your holiday! 
happy celebrations
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