fix it, gurl

ladies, i cannot stress to you how important it is to develop a skill to learn how to fix your own bike. not only to dodge those awkward moments when you walk into a bike shop and get stared down by some bike guru for not knowing how to adjust your seat, but to also gain your sense of independence from relying on others, like a boyfriend, to fix a flat, breaks, etc. something i realized after so many years of cycling and helping my friends with their bike issues is that it feels good to know how to take care of your own things and it saves you $$$. for the longest time, i depended on my old boyfriend to fix things for me when i couldn't do it myself. when he was no longer around i'd go to the bike shop where i was good friends with the bike mechanic and instead of asking him to fix it, i asked him to show me. i think he appreciated and enjoyed doing so. since then it's only been a few times where i would have to take the bike into the shop.

it's good to know how to do these things on your own. you never know where you'll run into a flat or something where you'll only have yourself to rely on. you'll always know how to diagnose a problem and have the necessary vocab to address these issues to your mechanic. makes everyone's lives easier, am i right?

happy friday + outside lands weekend!

happy friday! it's the weekend, it's sunny, it's time to unwind and enjoy a ride.
here in the bay area we have our annual Outside Lands, which will be raging and super crazy. one recommendation that many of us locals have if your going to this awesome music event is to travel there by bike, seriously. it's the easiest way to navigate through crowds of cars and people. there will be bike valet and bike parking. the ride is fun and beautiful and will be well worth it. just check out this comprehensive list of where to rent a bike and park it here.

whatever you do, enjoy!

days around the city

when going for a ride through the city, there are little things that make this place one of the most beautiful cities to see. don't get me wrong, sometimes there are hard facts that face this place, yet, overall, one cannot help but be swept away by the inspiration this place gives to those who live here.

photos above are through my daily explorations on bike. enjoy!

besties and bikes

 best friends. the one's that go along the ride of life with you. that look out for you, bring out the best in you, and sometimes protect you, even from yourself. they're the ones who aren't afraid to get silly on their bikes with you, on the street, or wherever you are. they will ding* ding* their bells with you when cutie on a bike pedals by. they go the distance for you, even all 40-50 miles with you on bike, while singing silly disney sing-a-longs, booty dancing, laughing with and at you. they're the ones their to hold your hand, or bike for that matter. they allow you to sleep in their bed, giggling and sharing hopes, dreams, fears, and occasional boy crushes. they are the ones there for you when you get into bike accidents, get sick, or have your heart broken. they're the ones who are always down for the ride, wherever it may be, with any distance, in any circumstance, they're present with you.

this isn't really a post about bikes but a shout out to my bestie for going along the ride of life with me.
love you chica!

bike love photo

i'm tickled when finding bike love in the least expected places. i live in the perfect city that shows how much we value the bicycle and the sense of freedom it gives us, especially in a great big place that can sometimes make us feel confined to it. sf is full of little quirks like the photo above (found in the financial district.)
it's the little things right?


Wearing a helmet doesn't have to be a fashion crime. For some women, wearing a helmet can give a sense of confidence to ride safely on the road along with some city cycling training. When first riding through the streets of San Francisco, I wouldn't dare ride without a helmet. Drivers are unpredictable in these streets, road infrastructure sucks, going downhill can be daunting, and you just never know what can happen when drivers, buses, or trains aren't aware of you. Not to say that wearing a helmet is a must, we all have a choice, but when having to wear one is a must, it shouldn't be a hangup.

 recently, Cyclechic has launched a campaign "Hot In A Helmet" to empower women to ride by ridding the helmet of its geeky image and championing it as a functional accessory. Cyclechic did a photo shoot with various lovely London cycling ladies from Author Katie Dailey to Evening standard journalist Jasmine Gardner, to kick things off. Check out the gallery of those participating so far. The goal is to help women get rid of these helmet hangups so that they are empowered to get on a bike and have fun on it. What a great way to have a community of women empowering each other!

Also, you can send pics of yourself rocking your helmet at to share how hot you look in your helmet or just have a browse.

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