help, Wendy is missing!

My Wendy was stolen from my apartment building Monday morning. I live in the Lake Merrit area of Oakland where Wendy is pretty well known by many of my neighbors and friends. I'm reaching out to my community to help me get Wendy back! OPD is pretty incompetent to get anything done so I'm reaching out to you to spread the word and look out at bike shops, craigslist, ebay, flea markets, or the streets to help me find her. she's a red 49cm Schwinn World Sport women's road bike with cruiser handle bars, a wire Walden basket, metal rack, a Public bike red bell, cork grips... pretty much the picture above. Please help me! I can't live without her, please repost and share with your friends.

I've pretty much done everything I could possibly do by reporting, placing up stolen bike ads and flyers, emailing bike shops, and double checking ebay and craigslist. Luckily we have a video of the guy who stole my bike so i will be posting that soon too.

Please, please, please help me get my Wendy back!
contact at four one five, five one three, nine five two nine, or citygirlrides at gmail dot com.
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