Uncommon Goods Bicycle Gift Guide

As we start to check all the names our gift lists, it’s time to start thinking about presents for those who love bikes! While a classic sweater and book are typically found in a present, I gathered up some unique presents that will surprise your avid cycling loved ones that is both environmentally friendly and supports good causes, major bonus! From printed totes to bike bells, here are some of my favorite gifts from Uncommon Goods that are sure to make the perfect addition to any bike if your in a hurry to wrap up the holiday.

Like what you see? Uncommon Goods has an array of gifts that you can check out that are unique from personalized gifts here, to for her gifts here, and for holiday perfect gifts check out more here. Not only are these gifts uniquely designed but they're handcrafted and created with harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people that supports causes, smalls business, and charities around the world!

Now that's what I call giving!

Guest Blogging & Randoms

Hey pals, I did a little guest blog today for Brooklyn Bicycles Co. I shared a little holiday wish list of things I would love for gearing up after the frost melts. I hope you like. I love Brooklyn Cruisers by the way, gorgeous bikes to drool over! Check out their rides and follow them on Twitter.

Also, Heather from Brooklyn Bicycle Co did a hot piece for us recently too, check it out here.

In addition, I just joined the Instagram party, I mean I've been around but recently started sharing my photos, if you like puppies, bikes, NYC, and California then this is your thing (hint hint, follow me).

Chic Gear To Get The Biker Babe This Holiday

As the holidays approach, I've been perusing around the webs for the hottest bicycle picks to gift the biker babe. To help me make this search fun, I asked some friends to share their favorite bike gear. This wish-list pick is from Heather of Brooklyn Cruiser, a bicycle company based in Brooklyn, NY. Visit their website and especially their beautiful bicycles at Brookly Bicycle Co.

When Christina asked that we share some of Brooklyn Bicycle Co.'s wishlist picks with City Girl Rides, the short answer was: "the Vintage Wicker Creel Bike Basket at Eleanor's, period." Never before have I coveted a bike accessory so hard. (I mean, SO hard. That's one darn fine piece of basket!)

Alas, call it a symptom of East Coast Winter-living (grey skies, white snowfall, too-early nightfall, and alllll those miles of sidewalk that frame our days…), but I'm feeling a harmony to all things neutral. And the best way to harness their full potential? Well, that would be a serious dose of technicolor.

1. When it comes to a finely curated wardrobe, the value of a versatile piece cannot be challenged. Enter Vespertine's SASH-AY SCARF. It's the stuff of endless interpretations and doubles duty as an accessory fit to transition with the seasons. Put that reflective button to use and get creative -- as a scarf, this one can take on countless drape configurations and, come Spring, it rocks well as a stylin' sash. We're talkin' high-functioning luxe -- soft merino wool, hand-woven Heritage Flash Tweed, and discreet reflective stripes that come alive in direct light.

2. It's no secret that we're full of adoration for all helmets Belle. And this here Paper Cranes (Light Grey) headpiece (with its muted, warm tones and bold graphic) really speaks to our minimalist tendencies. And don't mistake the hand-painted origami as precious -- a UV-protected varnish keeps its surface scratch and water-resistant. This is art at its utilitarian best.

3. Now, while we'd love to say that the one thing a proper Bike Babe cannot leave home without is, well, her bike… There IS something we tend to go-to before wheeling out our two-wheeled chariots. And that's our bag. Freitag's JOAN has the brands design-y, modern feel in spades, with functionality to match. It's expandable, can take on your yoga mat, and its mounting straps can be zipped away from sight once you've arrived, making for seamless handlebar-to-arm-candy.

4. Houndstooth is a bit of a mainstay in the chic department -- depending on what you pair it with, it's a pattern to cover all vibes, cute to classy. (Really, who feels the same way every single day…) Cleverhood’s Electric Houndstooth Rain Cape has also got some superhero features on the DL -- hidden reflective thread (at night -- poof! -- you're a lit grid!), Uretek zipper details, magnetic armhole closures, and a fitted hood that can be worn under your helmet. Did we mention you'll stay dry?

5. And now for that dash of flash. A good color pop goes a long way when your primary palette is a super-urbane collection of neutrals. Where better to see the flash than right before your very eyes -- Ray Ban's iconic Wayfarer Folding Flash Lenses do the trick, and then some. Copper, Yellow, Green and Orange colorways mean a hue for all, and every pair folds down into a compact, single-lense-sized stasher, handy flip-top case included.

Winter Cycling 101

Too cold to ride a bicycle? Trust me, I hear you! However, there are winter benefits that you'll appreciate while gliding around on two wheels with rosy cheeks while busting the winter blues. Without another word why riding your bike during the winter is doable, now’s the time to liberate your bicycle from the storage room. With just a few easy, street-savvy refinements to your bike (think fenders!), wardrobe and bike-handling skills, you’ll be ready to roll in comfort, style, and safety, whether to the office, along the river, or between your favorite boutiques. Just take note, this advice may not suit every region, so be cautious, check your weather forecast and know what you can handle.

Comfort rules:  While there’s no need for special clothing, choosing looks from your closet that move with you make mounting and pedaling your bike a snap. That said, some cycling-specific pieces, like Outlier’s slim black daily riding pant pair up nicely with your Rick Owens biker jacket. For colder climates, a down jacket like this Laundry waistcoat is perfect for extra warmth.

Be cool and hydrated

It’s okay to feel chilly when you walk out the door. You’ll warm up within the first 10 minutes of pedaling. Still, carrying an extra layer in your bag keeps you prepared for whatever the day brings. Plus, keeping hydrated is a major must do in the chill so make sure to carry water with you.

Be Kind To Extremities

Exercising in cold weather sends blood flowing to your core. A hat under your helmet, warm gloves, extra socks, and a scarf or gaiter help keep extremities toasty and seal out uncomfortable drafts. Polarized sunglasses like these Smith Optic sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection add a little protection to your eyes too.. 

Get Ride-Ready

Especially if your bike has been unused for a while, have your local bike shop check the tires, brakes and gears. Since the sun set earlier, make sure your visible, your lights are packing fresh batteries and that your bell works.

Fenders Are Your BFFs

Avoid the heartbreak of greeting everyone at work with, ahem, slush butt. Some bikes, like the Globe Daily 3 Step-Through, come with city-ready features like fenders and baskets.

Enjoy The View

A leisurely pace not only makes your ride safer, but also cuts down on perspiration and lets you savor sights like the sweeping view of a skyline, or a romantic sunset along the river. When braking, pump gently rather than squeezing.

Steer Clear Of These

Metal or painted surfaces become slick in cold weather. Puddles can hide road debris. Your roommate will also tell you to avoid tatted guys on fixed-gear bikes. Just sayin’.

Beware Of Pigeons
These birds get sluggish in freezing temperatures, sometimes making them unexpectedly hard to dodge.

photo: helloitsvalentine

Cute Dog Bike Baskets

Hauling your four legged furry friends can be challenging when you're taking them around on foot some distance, but if you're on bike, these dog bike baskets are perfect for the journey. So whether you have a dog to cycle with or a cycling friend with dog, consider these baskets as a gift for those who love an adventure with their furry friends. Not only would travel with pets be easier but they'll love the wind in their faces and adventure of having a grand time with you.

DIP DYE Bike Style

A while back I shared this adorable Bobbin Bicycles Style Video on Twitter and thought I would share  a new one with an edge.

Bobbin Bicycles had promoted these style videos to share their awesome model DIP DYE BIRDIE Watermelon, super cute no?!
 OH NOSTALGIA, I'm missing the feeling of pedals and the wind in my hair, can you tell?

Fall Bike Style

Fall is my favorite time to jump on a bike. With cooler temps to help us beat the heat, it's just a matter of gearing up for the right types of weather this fall. If you haven't taken a peek already, Pinterest is packing with bike style with threads all over the world that are just too cute pass a good show. To share with you some of my favorite fall outfits on bikes, here's a few to drool over.

Interested in seeing more? Take a visual ride on over to my Bicycle Style board to get a look at what's in style on bike. And if you're interested to know my Fall Cycling Essentials, take a look to see what is most helpful in cycling your way in fall weather.

Bike Bags by Ghongjord

Carrying around a load is definitely a drag in the city, especially if you're a die-hard two-wheeler who braves those perils and relies on a trusty steed to get to work every day, odds are good that you need a comfortable, practical bag that fits your daily essentials and stays put as you pedal. Naturally, I'm on it — while preusing around the webs, I found these super-awesome bags that are ideal for cruising around town, whether you're riding a fixed-gear or cruising. You won't find a boring nylon messenger in the mix here, that's for sure. Ghongjord, a Berlin based company, crafted these beautiful backpacks inspired by bike commuters in Tokyo. It's hard enough finding a practical back pack without feeling much like a school girl on bike, but thanks to these guys, biking still feel chic enough to wear a back pack around town.

City Guide: The Mission, San Francisco

photo: kate spade
With all this cold weather in NYC, I'm feeling home sick for burritos, hipster dive bars and bike rides through foggy Golden Gate park. There are so many things to do and bike to during this time of year in SF although temperatures are starting to show their fall colors in other parts of the world. Whether you're escaping to warmer climates or taking a little vacay to this fair city, I brought you a little guide to biking in the one of the hippest districts of San Francisco, The Mission, with a litttle wondering out pleasure while you're there. So whether you're in the mood for tacos, quirky buys, or some music, I've got just the guide to quench your wanderlust.

1. Berreta                                                      2. Flour + Water
3. Mission Chinese Food

4. Tacolicious                                                5. Curiosity Shoppe

6. Press: Works On Paper                          
7. Photobooth

8. Amoeba Records                                      9. Golden Gate Park

Wellness off Bike

Your biking routine is starting to minimize while the cold is settling in. Staying on task with a work out routine is hard outdoors when the chill starts to settle in. 

Venture out of bounds with help from SweatGuru, a new website where you can search and sign up for exercise classes in seconds.

Frustrated with the void of scheduling platforms in the fitness world, BFFs, cousins, and boot camp instructors Alyse Mason Brill and Jamie Walker had an aha moment: pool their resources (industry pals, tech-savvy relatives) and build a solution.

To start, filter the listings by class type (everything from Zumba to barre, carefully vetted by the SweatGuru staff), price, and location (city, neighborhood). View course information (brief description, instructor bio) and sign up online.

Create a profile with your social media account (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) to gush about discoveries, find fitness pros, or share your calendar.

Traveling? Peruse classes in NYC and L.A. (more cities are on the way) with the insight of a local.

You’ve got plenty of new ground to cover.

To find a class, go to sweatguru.com.

Bicycle Wishlist

In the interest of still sharing all lovely bicycle things, I think it would be fun to start a little post I'm calling Bicycle Wishlist. Naturally, throughout any given week I stumble across some beautiful or quirky or enticing bicycle products and Pin them and forget about them. I mean, you're all welcome to see what I post on Pinterest but obviously that in and of itself is no fun—so I'm just going to share them with you!

Without further ado, here's the first go-round for the season. Maybe this can serve as a guide of some kind? A holiday guide for yourself or for the bicycle lover in your life. However, this is more like a guide to my inner shopaholic, that is...

If you want to see more follow me on Pinterest!

Sweet November

Autumn is here and I couldn't be more pleased than to wake up to see the the seasonal changes happen in NYC everyday. Although the cold may be more bitter than what I'm used to, I love that seasons remind me of the changes in life cycles. During this time I want nothing more than big cozy sweaters, walks in the forest, tea, books to read, and delicious food to make with seasonal recipes. I think this time of year also makes me reflect and re-track my steps to understand how I got to these points in my life. Last week, I took a much needed break from blogging, which I do every now and then to step back and breath. I was reminded that being a recent college graduate, moving to New York City, being in a full time relationship, and consistently hunting down jobs had made me lost. Although I am ambitious, I am not in the sense of seeking success and making a tons of money for my own benefit. My purpose in doing good, creating change, and being well was lost. And losing focus is easy to do as there is SO much to do and yet, it's overwhelming with the process it takes to get there. To get back to my purpose I was reminded by my father that clarity, courage, and compassion is just as important in being kind to yourself. Amongst other words of his wisdom...

1. You don't have to make it all happen by yourself.
2. It's okay to enjoy your life and to take care of the one's you love.

Does that make sense? I think kindness to ourselves is essential as part of our kindness towards others. Radical self care and kindness goes a long way in reminding myself that I have done enough to get here in this moment... and in this moment all I want to do is nurture my soul, body, and those around me. This season reminds me more that it's time to rest, reflect, refocus, and reformulate out next years great adventures (Mercury Retrograde is a blessing in disguise). With the holidays approaching, I think basking in kindness will go a long way in caring for my readers here and the one's I love near and far.

So perhaps while it get's cold and bike rides are near impossible to my California girl sensibilities, I will bring you some of that kindness and radical thinking while being inspired by nature herself.

Bike Love: Helmets and Autumn

Things I'm loving lately: 
Lazer Sports Helmets. Lightweight, super comfortable, and breathable (if youre a head sweater, you'll love this helmet.) I got three in their Urban Editions cause they are good looking and nice to wear. I just love a good helmet and cannot wait to share with you the many ways these helmets look good on a bike, stay tuned as I adventure out for a weekend of friends and bikes.
Autumn In New York: I never really understood the words to Ella Fitzgerald's song "Autumn In New York" until living here. Ahh...the crips cold air (that I've missed, sans fog) and golden leaves.
Green Smooties: while attempting to step away from coffee, I'm filling my body with wholesome green juices. Well being takes a lot of sacrifice. Try this recipe.
Dahlia's: my favorite flowers have finally hit the market here in Brooklyn and I couldn't be a happier girl. I just love surrounding myself with them.

Other: Kashmire Tchai Tea, making new friends, reading books, walking to the park and playing with dogs, fav neighborhood cafe Choice Market, Blue Apron recipes.

As season transition, what are you loving lately?

Spreading the Fashionable Word On #WhatIWore

Hi friends near and far, yesterday I guest posted at Eleanor's NYC for their What I Wore post. These post series are all about empowering women to express themselves and their style on their bike, something you all know I feel very passionate about. Help Eleanor's spread the fashionable word by sharing your own personal bike style on Instagram and Twitter.  You can participate by hash tagging #whatiwore and #eleanorsnyc on Instagram or Twitter.

Big shout out to Eleanor's and all the stylish ladies riding their bikes.

Cute Bicycle Finds: Charly's Bicycle Goods

photo: fuuvi
I am floored by the creativity that bubbles up in the bicycle community. The tally of uniquely talented artists, craftsmen, and designers runs high — though, magically, Charly's seems to house numerous treasures all under one roof and I'm going head over wheels over them. From spunky heart and star shaped bicycle wheel reflectors to bicycle covers, Charly's combines an assortment of practical and useful items that are not only safe for riding but are absolutely colorful and adorable to make a statement on your bike with.

Seriously, whether you're looking for that perfect bicycle bell as a statement piece — or the cute bicycle light to ring up your visibility — chances are you'll find it on Charly's

Yoga For Cyclists

One of the ways I practice giving without expectation is by sharing information and this is a post is about my love for yoga. We know that yoga rejuvenates our bodies and calms our minds. And for one I love to spread the love of nurturing one's body and soul. With a serious mission to build inner strength and balance, I took on a recent daily practice of yoga to help me recover my body and peace of mind from daily stresses of living and biking in New York.

Cute Bicycle Baskets

It's time for a roundup of cute bicycle baskets and I found some unique and vintage styled baskets and crates to share with you. Although I have had a great number of them, I always remain true to Wald wire baskets for sturdiness around bumpy roads but I have always dreamed of one of these wicker baskets and a bike crate to carry a bundle of flowers and veggies in. A girl can dream right? Sigh...Ok, I'm dying to share with you what made the list. 

Bike Talk: Women Aren't Concerned With Biking In Their Communities?

A while ago I started a series called Bike Talk, where I wanted to seriously chat about some issues that women are afraid to speak out about. My first post on Bike Talk was about bicycles & embracing my inner quirky girl, where I personally dived deep into the first myth of 10 Myths About Women & Cycling, "Women Don't Like Bikes." My point was to express that every woman has her way of expressing herself on her bicycle, if it doesn't look like bike culture or a race team, then there is no shame in embracing and liking the way you bike! Keep in mind... this is a personal perspective rather than expressing and explaining that "82 percent of women having positive views of bicyclists," of course we do, however, women aren't positively accepted or represented as bicyclists.

Bike Guide: Cow Hollow & The Marina, San Francisco

Photo: Kate Spade
Biking in San Francisco... ahhh, all those hills to conquer, the lovely bay, and scenic routes. My legs are craving a good hill to climb now! This series round of bike guides is located in San Francisco, as many of you know, was my stomping grounds that got me to start this blog. For those living or traveling to San Francisco, the neighborhood I focus on today is Cow Hollow and the Marina. This route happens to be one of my favorite rides on my way to the Golden Gate Bridge (bike guide here), and not only do you get to have a fun ride but there is plenty to eat, drink, and shop while you hang in this neighborhood. Here's a guide to biking and hanging out in Cow Hollow/Marina District.

Eat:                                                          Drink:
1. Umami                                                2. Bin 38
                                                                3. The Tipsy Pig

Sleep:                                                      Shop:
4. Hotel Drisco                                        6. Conifer
5. Inn at the Presidio                                

While You're There:

8 Fall Cycling Essentials

While you've been dutifully sifting through the last bits of awesome summer rides, I've spent the last month praying for fall and sussing out just the right 8 Fall Cycling Essentials you'll need to get your autumn arsenal in proper working order…and right on schedule for the saddle. As always, some of these standbys are already safely tucked away in your stash (dig 'em out!), but I've added some other essentials to the mix to ensure your closet and bike will still make that cool transitional move into the new season in style.

DIY | Bike Wheel Frame

photo: whipperberry
I love finding new and cool things crafters are doing with bicycles. I'm no crafter by nature, it takes a whole lot for me to want to even decorate my home but I do like to take old things and make them into something new to use. When perusing around the webs I found this little gem of a project by crafter goddess at WhipperBerry and just knew that I had to try this. I'm a sucker for gold accents on unusual craft projects, it gives it just the perfect touch of class.

Do you reuse any of your old bike parts? If so, how?

Cute Bicycle Bells

*Ding ding*
 Do you like?! I just love them and could probably find an outfit to fit perfectly with every bell. I love bicycle accessories without a doubt. Although my bike is a simple ride, finding a couple of signature pieces makes me smile when I know how adorable my bike looks with that little accent piece. On my quest looking for a new bike bell I found some super cute bicycle bells that surely had me ringing for more. Whether you're a girl who likes stripes, polka dots, or a little bling (i love it all) you have great choices to find the perfect ring for you.

Bike Talk: Bicycles and Embracing My Inner Quirky Girl

Truth time ladies, do you ever feel like the world just doesn't get that we actually like riding bikes? Like for fun, shopping, commuting, and just for the feeling of feeling good about ourselves? When I started blogging about my bike adventures, I wanted to inspire other girls to talk and create a dialogue of the everyday journey on their bike. Whether it be about cool new bike accessories, adorable oufits they biked in, things they made, or places they traveled to, I wanted to hear it all. When I was getting my early experience of biking in San Francisco, I got a lot of lectures about safety, wearing the right gear, and what to watch out for when riding with "the boys." Being the rebellious girl I had always grown up to be, I did the opposite of what I was told but still wanted to fit into the bike scene. I wanted to be that tough tatooed fixie chick who got the respect of her peers but realized, I'M NOT THAT GIRL. I'm just not and don't intend to be. When it comes to navigating the spaces between personal style, fitting in with the bike crowd, and self confidence, I definitely felt like I was caught in the middle of what made me a true cyclist. This is a lot like dealing with adolescent self identity, only now, I can handle it differently as an adult. Totally different.

Cute Commuter Bicycle Helmets

As you know, protecting your head when cycling is like the number one safety rule of all cycling, trust me, we've had "the conversation" before. But why I personally don't like to wear one is a personal matter, and when coming to NYC I realize how important wearing one is, like with all the insufficient bicycle infrastructure, bad driving policies, and billions of crazy cab drivers. 

Well, with so many bicycle helmet options out there, I bring to you some of my favorites from around the web. Whether they're are loved by brands, functionality, and style, I love seeing the evolution of cute bicycle helmets for ladies. I also have that really cute red and white polka dot helmet and it's my favorite. You can find great resources around the web from Eleanors NYC, Cycle Chic UKYakkay, Nutcase, Sawako, and Bern in scoping out some really cute options for your cute cycle safety wear.

(right to left)

Brooklyn Bike Jumble

Since moving to NYC, searching for the perfect set of wheels has been a little rough. With minor set backs, a busy schedule, and traveling, the next bike of my life has been on hold. From searching online through Craigslist, word of mouth, and checking out bike shops around the neighborhood, I gave up and took on Citi Bike. Although I absolutely adore bike sharing, I'm not afraid to admit that I just love having my own set of wheels to ride to fix up and call my own and I'm hoping that this weekend I'll have the chance to do that! This Saturday is NYC's Brooklyn Bike Jumble, Brooklyn's bike flea market, and boy am I ever ready to find my perfect set of wheels.

If you're in the NYC are and also looking for a new set of wheels, here is some more info about the event.

September 7th, 2013
10AM to 4PM, FREE
JJ Byrne/Washington Park - 5th Avenue and 4th Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Cute Bicycle D.I.Y'.s

Making your bike your own requires a little craft and love. There are so many great ideas and ways to give your bike a little TLC, however, I like to keep things on the simply cute side and easy craft making schedule. For inspiration about how to dress your bike up, here are some of my favorite bicycle d.i.y's  around the web.

Bike Guide: Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Forgive me NYC'ers for saying this but exploring Brooklyn has to be my favorite all time adventure. There's a massive difference in culture, lifestyle, and taste in this area and usually, I'm always game for supporting the underdog that's trying to make it. A while back, Design Sponge did a bike adventures guide on biking with friends in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, as their adventure destination. In my curiosity, I went ahead of myself and and had a great time exploring this little gem of a neighborhood (even got a haircut) and would like to share with you a future must do when in New York. Perhaps, if youre in town this long weekend, you can download the map here and have a little adventure of your own!

Does anyone else out there know this area well and recommend some more exploration spots?

Have a great holiday weekend!

Bike Style on Pinterest

Hey friends, just a quick note that I have happily fallen head over wheels on Pinterest and now opening the invitation to joining me in following my inspiration, finds, and bicycle style boards. 

Come follow me here!

Cute Commuter Bicycles

I've been wonderlusting over these adorable bikes for so long that I just had to share with you what bicycles I dream of acquiring to venture through the streets of NYC. With more women in the bicycle scene, it's nice to see beautiful progress in bicycle design for women for those lifestyle cute commuters. Here's a list of my favorite bicycles out on the streets.

What are some of your favorite bicycles?

Bike Talk: 10 Myths About Women & Cycling

When it comes to women and cycling, there's so much work to be done. Unfortunately, women continue to be underrepresented in the world of cycling and planning which persists the misconceptions of women and cycling. The League of American Bicyclists recently shared information around the myths about women and cycling in hopes that it will demystify misconceptions of women and cycling. City planners, industry, and policy think tanks can really benefit from the information about women's cycling behavior which here is provided for them. Thanks League of American Cyclist!

Bicycle Inspired-Kate Spade

I love nothing more than creations inspired by bicycles. Designer extraordinaire, Kate Spade, since their Adeline Adeline bicycle campaign launch has release a lovely set of bicycle inspired accessories and more to complement the bicycle fashionista's lifestyle ride. I'm absolutely loving those tandem greeting cards and that adorable iphone case. Just can't get enough of that green colored bicycle too! 

Bicycle Portraits from South Africa

 I love a good and creative cause. These illustrations and images are just that and part of book project by Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler titled Bicycle Portraits. The book is a study of South African commuter culture: the people, their bikes and the ground they travel every day. Stan & Nic have 165 portraits part of a series of three books, which include stories, essays and hand-painted watercolor maps (shown above) to indicate the location of each portrait. I’ve already spent some time enjoying the photographs on the site, and from what I can tell, the books, designed by Gabrielle Guy, are beautiful objects in their own right. It’s an inspiring project! Read more about how they are using this project to support this vibrant cycling community here.

Bass River Adventures

This past weekend the boy and I took a camping getaway from the city to Bass River State Forest in New Jersey. Being that New York has easy access to other states and parks, getting there was easy and enjoyable (granted the beginning of tolls while driving through NJ Garden State Parkway). Once we got to our site and set up camp, we took the liberty to explore much of Bass River and all the various hiking trails through the park and on our drive back up to NY. Having a serene environment with absolutely no man made interruptions was just what I needed to celebrate my birthday. I would recommend an small weekend getaway to Bass River if you love easy hiking and accessible amenities. There's nothing like roughing it out in nature and getting the natural fix you need away from the city.

Do any of you have a favorite getaway spot?

You Are What You Ride

Ever wondered what you're bicycle says about you? Our bikes say a lot about our style and French designers Romain Bourdieux and Thomas Pomarelle are here to help us find out just what our bicycle style is saying and how we share that while riding on the streets.

Their video and poster series, called “Cyclemon,” features beautiful bikes of all sorts rolling by neighborhoods they would most likely be found in. In the poster series, they’ve boldly written their view of the characters who would ride these bikes from hipsters, runners, to travelers.

Their site is super cool and interactive. You can also purchase a poster online, check them out here
What does your bike say about you?

Linus' Sweet Summer Ride: The Scout

The sun is out, holidays are in motion, and finding the right set of wheels to pedal the city through for summer fun is just the right way to spend time outdoors. Searching for a new set of wheels can be a task, however, Linus Bikes just made life a little easier when they recently released their new model, The Scout, and boy does it have my legs racing for the pedal! A vintage road bike look, light weight, easy step through frame, upright seating, with 7 speeds is just the way I like to ride. Be still my little racing heart.

Weekend Adventure + Birthday

It's been a rather busy few weeks and sometimes, it is absolutely necessary to take a time out. I turn ages closer to 30 this weekend and while doing the party dinner with good friends is always my go to for celebrating, this year I'm pining for a quiet getaway and a bit of rugged living under the stars. Luckily for us here, a getaway out of NYC is doable with a short road trip to near camping grounds. 

Has anyone done camping outside of NYC? Any good places to consider in the future, tips, recommendations on things to do and see?

Summer Heat Waves and Adventure In NYC

Sorry for late quietness around here but recent summer heat waves in NYC has influenced a lot of summer siesta's and indoor play time in the city. I used to think weather in SF was bipolar, not till this summer in NYC did it hit me that the weather roller coaster of hot, rain, and sunny days would throw me in a loop of absolute confusion and paralysis under extreme hot weather conditions. I'll admit it, I'm not used to this and nobody here enjoys it but we all try to make the best of it. Instead of hiding in all day from the summer heat, I mustered up the courage and took a few excursions out to get the most of these summer days to share. There are always ways to try to enjoy it and beat the heat. Fine drinks, good food, and admiring architecture indoors and outdoors are just few of my favorite ways of making the most of it.

How do you spend your days in heat waves?

Pedaling Link Love

1. Refinery 29's Biker Chic looks
2. The New York Times Bicycle Helmet as a Fashion Statement
3. Looking Smart on Pedals, guide to comfortable cycling foot wear
4. Momentum Magazines How to Shop by Bike.
5. 7X7 SF's How to Carry Anything by Bike.

Enjoy the reads. Have a great weekend!

Summer Cycling Wear: Urban Legend

Summer cycling requires a lot of planning in cycling wear, especially here in NYC where summer cycling requires a great deal of light colored and breathable fabrics. Urban Legend is all about smart garments that can make everyday cycling and urban lifestyle more comfortable and more fun: every piece is hand-made with special care and attention to amiable details for you to wear proudly on and off the bicycle. There lineup includes light, waterproof cotton skirts, variable length pants and dresses adorned with a reflective belt. Coming in vibrant turquoise, watermelon and mustard colors, the easy-to-mix items are ideal for summer nights.
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