over the weekend

this past weekend i spent a lovely weekend in LA. if there is one thing i learn upon going back home often, is that it's constantly changing, neighborhoods are seeing a boom of parks, green spaces, walkable streets, and public transit is becoming more accessible and frequent. my dad works in the field of landscape architecture and always has a new space to share with me that he had worked on. i always say "everything i know, i learned from my father" and in this case, it's definitely true that my interest in urban development comes from him. if you ever get a chance to visit L.A. take a walking tour of downtown. it's the most exciting place to see historical buildings, new parks, and life happen.

boot & shoe service (cafe)

Boot & Shoe Service (cafe) is one of those spots that i have become a frequent customer of just before dashing off to class. serving Sight Glass coffee, tasty latte's, and freshly baked pastries, it's a treat to be able to live so close to this little Oakland jem. and it's not all coffee either, they are also a restaurant and pizzeria serving locally sourced ingredients in drinks and food. a treat if you're also looking for great pizza, brunch, and drinks.


happy new year and hello! after much time away from the blogging world i decided to take a new route with city girl rides, this is not because of wendy bird being taken and never returned to me, it's mainly that a lot of changes are happening and will continue this next year: graduation, a growing and emerging coast to coast relationship, a new job, a new city (NYC baby!). lots of changes in the next coming months and i want to utilize this space a little differently for that journey.

will you come along with me?
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