"I believe this is important for everyone – to trust what YOU love, not love what everyone else is loving. Rather than focusing on what others have, we should focus on what makes us happy and unique. What makes US special and not like everyone else. In a world of changing trends and styles, find what makes you smile and have the confidence to love it no matter what anyone else says or thinks. Love YOU for YOU – life will be so much easier."

words to live by, right ladies?


specialty coffee subculture

in the bay area, we love coffee, like a lot. this video on the specialty coffee subculture captures the spirit of many roasters and coffee shops featuring our very locally grown Blue Bottle, Handsome Coffee Roasters in L.A, and LAMILL Coffee. i've worked in the coffee business for many years and know so much about the processes of getting coffee from the farm to the cup. it's no surprise that the founders of these companies take pride in their work.

awesomely designed valentine's cards

finding the perfect valentine card for your loved one can be a major challenge if you're not one to go for silly declarations and bright colors. knowing myself and my loved one, we like design that is simple with a touch of uniqueness and maybe a little humor. here's just a few of my favorite from some talented designers. 

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