You Are What You Ride

Ever wondered what you're bicycle says about you? Our bikes say a lot about our style and French designers Romain Bourdieux and Thomas Pomarelle are here to help us find out just what our bicycle style is saying and how we share that while riding on the streets.

Their video and poster series, called “Cyclemon,” features beautiful bikes of all sorts rolling by neighborhoods they would most likely be found in. In the poster series, they’ve boldly written their view of the characters who would ride these bikes from hipsters, runners, to travelers.

Their site is super cool and interactive. You can also purchase a poster online, check them out here
What does your bike say about you?

Linus' Sweet Summer Ride: The Scout

The sun is out, holidays are in motion, and finding the right set of wheels to pedal the city through for summer fun is just the right way to spend time outdoors. Searching for a new set of wheels can be a task, however, Linus Bikes just made life a little easier when they recently released their new model, The Scout, and boy does it have my legs racing for the pedal! A vintage road bike look, light weight, easy step through frame, upright seating, with 7 speeds is just the way I like to ride. Be still my little racing heart.

Weekend Adventure + Birthday

It's been a rather busy few weeks and sometimes, it is absolutely necessary to take a time out. I turn ages closer to 30 this weekend and while doing the party dinner with good friends is always my go to for celebrating, this year I'm pining for a quiet getaway and a bit of rugged living under the stars. Luckily for us here, a getaway out of NYC is doable with a short road trip to near camping grounds. 

Has anyone done camping outside of NYC? Any good places to consider in the future, tips, recommendations on things to do and see?

Summer Heat Waves and Adventure In NYC

Sorry for late quietness around here but recent summer heat waves in NYC has influenced a lot of summer siesta's and indoor play time in the city. I used to think weather in SF was bipolar, not till this summer in NYC did it hit me that the weather roller coaster of hot, rain, and sunny days would throw me in a loop of absolute confusion and paralysis under extreme hot weather conditions. I'll admit it, I'm not used to this and nobody here enjoys it but we all try to make the best of it. Instead of hiding in all day from the summer heat, I mustered up the courage and took a few excursions out to get the most of these summer days to share. There are always ways to try to enjoy it and beat the heat. Fine drinks, good food, and admiring architecture indoors and outdoors are just few of my favorite ways of making the most of it.

How do you spend your days in heat waves?

Pedaling Link Love

1. Refinery 29's Biker Chic looks
2. The New York Times Bicycle Helmet as a Fashion Statement
3. Looking Smart on Pedals, guide to comfortable cycling foot wear
4. Momentum Magazines How to Shop by Bike.
5. 7X7 SF's How to Carry Anything by Bike.

Enjoy the reads. Have a great weekend!

Summer Cycling Wear: Urban Legend

Summer cycling requires a lot of planning in cycling wear, especially here in NYC where summer cycling requires a great deal of light colored and breathable fabrics. Urban Legend is all about smart garments that can make everyday cycling and urban lifestyle more comfortable and more fun: every piece is hand-made with special care and attention to amiable details for you to wear proudly on and off the bicycle. There lineup includes light, waterproof cotton skirts, variable length pants and dresses adorned with a reflective belt. Coming in vibrant turquoise, watermelon and mustard colors, the easy-to-mix items are ideal for summer nights.
How to Bike in the City (Video)

How to Bike in the City (Video)

It's one thing to share information on how to bike in the city and one thing to show how to bike in the city. It's not easy handling the various environmental hazards on the road that surround us daily but this video by Grist, one of my favorite news sites, shows us how it is actually easy to bike in the city. This is useful information especially if you're new to a city and want to ride around on two wheels. It is also a good reminder to fuel up on coffee and donuts between the commute too. 

What do you think? Would you want to know or see more about how to bike in the city?

Adventures with Eleanor's NYC

photo: Eleanor'sNYC
Hope you all had a fantastic Fourth of July! I wanted to share with you one of my newest adventures here in NYC. Above all, I landed a bicycle lifestyle bloggers dream job working as the newest Social Media Coordinator at Eleanor's, a stylish bicycle accessories boutique here in NYC. They have some fabulous items ladies, so check out their gorgeous baskets, bells, bags and panniers. Today, I am featured in their TGIF series of interviews with ladies who bicycle and share more about my position with Eleanor's, you can check it out here. I'm extremely excited to be part of this team and look forward to inspiring others on two wheels.

Thanks for making this space an adventure, now you can follow more. 
Have a great holiday weekend!

Happy 4th

For many of us here in America, today is our national Independence Day holiday. Often when I think of liberation, I think of the bicycle and how it started the women's liberation movement. Till this day I still think of the bicycle as the symbol of freedom for women around the world. 

I hope in whatever you do to celebrate today, you do so with the one's you love. Happy 4th! 

Your Tour de France 2013 Guide

It's that time of year again when the Tour de France grasps my attention more than my country holiday, Independence Day. I've been glued to watching the race and following new riders along with my dreamy crush Mark Cavendish. Two years ago I was in Paris religiously watching the race with my roommate who's grandfather happened to be a Tour de France legend. I was able to go to Champ Elysees and watch in person the excitement of the city and celebrations of the final stage.

Alite's Bike to Beach Bag

photos: Alite
I absolutely love bumming around the beach all day, except that hauling around goodies can be a bit of bike load in a basket, but Alite, a San Francisco local pro gear company has created this simple and practical "Bike to Beach Bag". Safe to haul and easy to wear like a back pack, it simply comes off as a beach tote when you set up beach camp for the day.

Even more, the bag is locally made in San Francisco, and if any cyclist knows, SF peeps knows their cycling gear.
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