Bike Guide: Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Forgive me NYC'ers for saying this but exploring Brooklyn has to be my favorite all time adventure. There's a massive difference in culture, lifestyle, and taste in this area and usually, I'm always game for supporting the underdog that's trying to make it. A while back, Design Sponge did a bike adventures guide on biking with friends in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, as their adventure destination. In my curiosity, I went ahead of myself and and had a great time exploring this little gem of a neighborhood (even got a haircut) and would like to share with you a future must do when in New York. Perhaps, if youre in town this long weekend, you can download the map here and have a little adventure of your own!

Does anyone else out there know this area well and recommend some more exploration spots?

Have a great holiday weekend!

Bike Style on Pinterest

Hey friends, just a quick note that I have happily fallen head over wheels on Pinterest and now opening the invitation to joining me in following my inspiration, finds, and bicycle style boards. 

Come follow me here!

Cute Commuter Bicycles

I've been wonderlusting over these adorable bikes for so long that I just had to share with you what bicycles I dream of acquiring to venture through the streets of NYC. With more women in the bicycle scene, it's nice to see beautiful progress in bicycle design for women for those lifestyle cute commuters. Here's a list of my favorite bicycles out on the streets.

What are some of your favorite bicycles?

Bike Talk: 10 Myths About Women & Cycling

When it comes to women and cycling, there's so much work to be done. Unfortunately, women continue to be underrepresented in the world of cycling and planning which persists the misconceptions of women and cycling. The League of American Bicyclists recently shared information around the myths about women and cycling in hopes that it will demystify misconceptions of women and cycling. City planners, industry, and policy think tanks can really benefit from the information about women's cycling behavior which here is provided for them. Thanks League of American Cyclist!

Bicycle Inspired-Kate Spade

I love nothing more than creations inspired by bicycles. Designer extraordinaire, Kate Spade, since their Adeline Adeline bicycle campaign launch has release a lovely set of bicycle inspired accessories and more to complement the bicycle fashionista's lifestyle ride. I'm absolutely loving those tandem greeting cards and that adorable iphone case. Just can't get enough of that green colored bicycle too! 

Bicycle Portraits from South Africa

 I love a good and creative cause. These illustrations and images are just that and part of book project by Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler titled Bicycle Portraits. The book is a study of South African commuter culture: the people, their bikes and the ground they travel every day. Stan & Nic have 165 portraits part of a series of three books, which include stories, essays and hand-painted watercolor maps (shown above) to indicate the location of each portrait. I’ve already spent some time enjoying the photographs on the site, and from what I can tell, the books, designed by Gabrielle Guy, are beautiful objects in their own right. It’s an inspiring project! Read more about how they are using this project to support this vibrant cycling community here.

Bass River Adventures

This past weekend the boy and I took a camping getaway from the city to Bass River State Forest in New Jersey. Being that New York has easy access to other states and parks, getting there was easy and enjoyable (granted the beginning of tolls while driving through NJ Garden State Parkway). Once we got to our site and set up camp, we took the liberty to explore much of Bass River and all the various hiking trails through the park and on our drive back up to NY. Having a serene environment with absolutely no man made interruptions was just what I needed to celebrate my birthday. I would recommend an small weekend getaway to Bass River if you love easy hiking and accessible amenities. There's nothing like roughing it out in nature and getting the natural fix you need away from the city.

Do any of you have a favorite getaway spot?
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