Bike Guide: Cow Hollow & The Marina, San Francisco

Photo: Kate Spade
Biking in San Francisco... ahhh, all those hills to conquer, the lovely bay, and scenic routes. My legs are craving a good hill to climb now! This series round of bike guides is located in San Francisco, as many of you know, was my stomping grounds that got me to start this blog. For those living or traveling to San Francisco, the neighborhood I focus on today is Cow Hollow and the Marina. This route happens to be one of my favorite rides on my way to the Golden Gate Bridge (bike guide here), and not only do you get to have a fun ride but there is plenty to eat, drink, and shop while you hang in this neighborhood. Here's a guide to biking and hanging out in Cow Hollow/Marina District.

Eat:                                                          Drink:
1. Umami                                                2. Bin 38
                                                                3. The Tipsy Pig

Sleep:                                                      Shop:
4. Hotel Drisco                                        6. Conifer
5. Inn at the Presidio                                

While You're There:

8 Fall Cycling Essentials

While you've been dutifully sifting through the last bits of awesome summer rides, I've spent the last month praying for fall and sussing out just the right 8 Fall Cycling Essentials you'll need to get your autumn arsenal in proper working order…and right on schedule for the saddle. As always, some of these standbys are already safely tucked away in your stash (dig 'em out!), but I've added some other essentials to the mix to ensure your closet and bike will still make that cool transitional move into the new season in style.

DIY | Bike Wheel Frame

photo: whipperberry
I love finding new and cool things crafters are doing with bicycles. I'm no crafter by nature, it takes a whole lot for me to want to even decorate my home but I do like to take old things and make them into something new to use. When perusing around the webs I found this little gem of a project by crafter goddess at WhipperBerry and just knew that I had to try this. I'm a sucker for gold accents on unusual craft projects, it gives it just the perfect touch of class.

Do you reuse any of your old bike parts? If so, how?

Cute Bicycle Bells

*Ding ding*
 Do you like?! I just love them and could probably find an outfit to fit perfectly with every bell. I love bicycle accessories without a doubt. Although my bike is a simple ride, finding a couple of signature pieces makes me smile when I know how adorable my bike looks with that little accent piece. On my quest looking for a new bike bell I found some super cute bicycle bells that surely had me ringing for more. Whether you're a girl who likes stripes, polka dots, or a little bling (i love it all) you have great choices to find the perfect ring for you.

Bike Talk: Bicycles and Embracing My Inner Quirky Girl

Truth time ladies, do you ever feel like the world just doesn't get that we actually like riding bikes? Like for fun, shopping, commuting, and just for the feeling of feeling good about ourselves? When I started blogging about my bike adventures, I wanted to inspire other girls to talk and create a dialogue of the everyday journey on their bike. Whether it be about cool new bike accessories, adorable oufits they biked in, things they made, or places they traveled to, I wanted to hear it all. When I was getting my early experience of biking in San Francisco, I got a lot of lectures about safety, wearing the right gear, and what to watch out for when riding with "the boys." Being the rebellious girl I had always grown up to be, I did the opposite of what I was told but still wanted to fit into the bike scene. I wanted to be that tough tatooed fixie chick who got the respect of her peers but realized, I'M NOT THAT GIRL. I'm just not and don't intend to be. When it comes to navigating the spaces between personal style, fitting in with the bike crowd, and self confidence, I definitely felt like I was caught in the middle of what made me a true cyclist. This is a lot like dealing with adolescent self identity, only now, I can handle it differently as an adult. Totally different.

Cute Commuter Bicycle Helmets

As you know, protecting your head when cycling is like the number one safety rule of all cycling, trust me, we've had "the conversation" before. But why I personally don't like to wear one is a personal matter, and when coming to NYC I realize how important wearing one is, like with all the insufficient bicycle infrastructure, bad driving policies, and billions of crazy cab drivers. 

Well, with so many bicycle helmet options out there, I bring to you some of my favorites from around the web. Whether they're are loved by brands, functionality, and style, I love seeing the evolution of cute bicycle helmets for ladies. I also have that really cute red and white polka dot helmet and it's my favorite. You can find great resources around the web from Eleanors NYC, Cycle Chic UKYakkay, Nutcase, Sawako, and Bern in scoping out some really cute options for your cute cycle safety wear.

(right to left)

Brooklyn Bike Jumble

Since moving to NYC, searching for the perfect set of wheels has been a little rough. With minor set backs, a busy schedule, and traveling, the next bike of my life has been on hold. From searching online through Craigslist, word of mouth, and checking out bike shops around the neighborhood, I gave up and took on Citi Bike. Although I absolutely adore bike sharing, I'm not afraid to admit that I just love having my own set of wheels to ride to fix up and call my own and I'm hoping that this weekend I'll have the chance to do that! This Saturday is NYC's Brooklyn Bike Jumble, Brooklyn's bike flea market, and boy am I ever ready to find my perfect set of wheels.

If you're in the NYC are and also looking for a new set of wheels, here is some more info about the event.

September 7th, 2013
10AM to 4PM, FREE
JJ Byrne/Washington Park - 5th Avenue and 4th Street, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Cute Bicycle D.I.Y'.s

Making your bike your own requires a little craft and love. There are so many great ideas and ways to give your bike a little TLC, however, I like to keep things on the simply cute side and easy craft making schedule. For inspiration about how to dress your bike up, here are some of my favorite bicycle d.i.y's  around the web.
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