Cute Bicycle Baskets

It's time for a roundup of cute bicycle baskets and I found some unique and vintage styled baskets and crates to share with you. Although I have had a great number of them, I always remain true to Wald wire baskets for sturdiness around bumpy roads but I have always dreamed of one of these wicker baskets and a bike crate to carry a bundle of flowers and veggies in. A girl can dream right? Sigh...Ok, I'm dying to share with you what made the list. 

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Aunt Cynthia said...

I am really disappointed that you did not find my baskets on the web. I have been around for 21 years encouraging women to get out on their bikes. My baskets morfed into a bicycle basket for dogs as when I started 21 yrs ago there were hardly any women riding bikes except for the occasional mountain biker or racer-but believe me they were few and far between. Please check out my baskets on my website as well as my facebook page. My baskets truly are the most sturdy baskets on the market-thats why we can carry dogs over 20 lbs in my larger styles and they last for years! Please check us out and see what our customers are saying about us.
Cynthia Tenney

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