DIP DYE Bike Style

A while back I shared this adorable Bobbin Bicycles Style Video on Twitter and thought I would share  a new one with an edge.

Bobbin Bicycles had promoted these style videos to share their awesome model DIP DYE BIRDIE Watermelon, super cute no?!
 OH NOSTALGIA, I'm missing the feeling of pedals and the wind in my hair, can you tell?

Fall Bike Style

Fall is my favorite time to jump on a bike. With cooler temps to help us beat the heat, it's just a matter of gearing up for the right types of weather this fall. If you haven't taken a peek already, Pinterest is packing with bike style with threads all over the world that are just too cute pass a good show. To share with you some of my favorite fall outfits on bikes, here's a few to drool over.

Interested in seeing more? Take a visual ride on over to my Bicycle Style board to get a look at what's in style on bike. And if you're interested to know my Fall Cycling Essentials, take a look to see what is most helpful in cycling your way in fall weather.

Bike Bags by Ghongjord

Carrying around a load is definitely a drag in the city, especially if you're a die-hard two-wheeler who braves those perils and relies on a trusty steed to get to work every day, odds are good that you need a comfortable, practical bag that fits your daily essentials and stays put as you pedal. Naturally, I'm on it — while preusing around the webs, I found these super-awesome bags that are ideal for cruising around town, whether you're riding a fixed-gear or cruising. You won't find a boring nylon messenger in the mix here, that's for sure. Ghongjord, a Berlin based company, crafted these beautiful backpacks inspired by bike commuters in Tokyo. It's hard enough finding a practical back pack without feeling much like a school girl on bike, but thanks to these guys, biking still feel chic enough to wear a back pack around town.

City Guide: The Mission, San Francisco

photo: kate spade
With all this cold weather in NYC, I'm feeling home sick for burritos, hipster dive bars and bike rides through foggy Golden Gate park. There are so many things to do and bike to during this time of year in SF although temperatures are starting to show their fall colors in other parts of the world. Whether you're escaping to warmer climates or taking a little vacay to this fair city, I brought you a little guide to biking in the one of the hippest districts of San Francisco, The Mission, with a litttle wondering out pleasure while you're there. So whether you're in the mood for tacos, quirky buys, or some music, I've got just the guide to quench your wanderlust.

1. Berreta                                                      2. Flour + Water
3. Mission Chinese Food

4. Tacolicious                                                5. Curiosity Shoppe

6. Press: Works On Paper                          
7. Photobooth

8. Amoeba Records                                      9. Golden Gate Park

Wellness off Bike

Your biking routine is starting to minimize while the cold is settling in. Staying on task with a work out routine is hard outdoors when the chill starts to settle in. 

Venture out of bounds with help from SweatGuru, a new website where you can search and sign up for exercise classes in seconds.

Frustrated with the void of scheduling platforms in the fitness world, BFFs, cousins, and boot camp instructors Alyse Mason Brill and Jamie Walker had an aha moment: pool their resources (industry pals, tech-savvy relatives) and build a solution.

To start, filter the listings by class type (everything from Zumba to barre, carefully vetted by the SweatGuru staff), price, and location (city, neighborhood). View course information (brief description, instructor bio) and sign up online.

Create a profile with your social media account (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) to gush about discoveries, find fitness pros, or share your calendar.

Traveling? Peruse classes in NYC and L.A. (more cities are on the way) with the insight of a local.

You’ve got plenty of new ground to cover.

To find a class, go to sweatguru.com.

Bicycle Wishlist

In the interest of still sharing all lovely bicycle things, I think it would be fun to start a little post I'm calling Bicycle Wishlist. Naturally, throughout any given week I stumble across some beautiful or quirky or enticing bicycle products and Pin them and forget about them. I mean, you're all welcome to see what I post on Pinterest but obviously that in and of itself is no fun—so I'm just going to share them with you!

Without further ado, here's the first go-round for the season. Maybe this can serve as a guide of some kind? A holiday guide for yourself or for the bicycle lover in your life. However, this is more like a guide to my inner shopaholic, that is...

If you want to see more follow me on Pinterest!

Sweet November

Autumn is here and I couldn't be more pleased than to wake up to see the the seasonal changes happen in NYC everyday. Although the cold may be more bitter than what I'm used to, I love that seasons remind me of the changes in life cycles. During this time I want nothing more than big cozy sweaters, walks in the forest, tea, books to read, and delicious food to make with seasonal recipes. I think this time of year also makes me reflect and re-track my steps to understand how I got to these points in my life. Last week, I took a much needed break from blogging, which I do every now and then to step back and breath. I was reminded that being a recent college graduate, moving to New York City, being in a full time relationship, and consistently hunting down jobs had made me lost. Although I am ambitious, I am not in the sense of seeking success and making a tons of money for my own benefit. My purpose in doing good, creating change, and being well was lost. And losing focus is easy to do as there is SO much to do and yet, it's overwhelming with the process it takes to get there. To get back to my purpose I was reminded by my father that clarity, courage, and compassion is just as important in being kind to yourself. Amongst other words of his wisdom...

1. You don't have to make it all happen by yourself.
2. It's okay to enjoy your life and to take care of the one's you love.

Does that make sense? I think kindness to ourselves is essential as part of our kindness towards others. Radical self care and kindness goes a long way in reminding myself that I have done enough to get here in this moment... and in this moment all I want to do is nurture my soul, body, and those around me. This season reminds me more that it's time to rest, reflect, refocus, and reformulate out next years great adventures (Mercury Retrograde is a blessing in disguise). With the holidays approaching, I think basking in kindness will go a long way in caring for my readers here and the one's I love near and far.

So perhaps while it get's cold and bike rides are near impossible to my California girl sensibilities, I will bring you some of that kindness and radical thinking while being inspired by nature herself.
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