Inspiration for Biking Into Spring

Happy Friday! I've been checking the weather every five hours to see if we will have a break from the rain in NY. It just doesn't seem to stop! The forecast is showing that this weekend will still have showers and although I'm a little bummed out, I'm okay with staying in under my blankets and watching marathons of tv. I'm hoping for clear skies so that I can get on my bike but Spring showers have taken over. As I sit here and dream about adventuring out on bike this weekend, I'm wondering how many people are getting out there now despite the thunder and rain. Cool and sunnier days has a way to get us out on a bike but rain or shine there are so many benefits to just put a little spring into the pedal.

Feeling like having an adventure this weekend? Here are just a few tips and reminders of why getting out on two wheels this Spring is the perfect win.

Group Ride: Join one to meet people or get your friends together for a fun ride.

Feel Good: A working heart = a healthy body and happy feelings. Breath in the fresh air.

Dress Up: Feeling good will keep you looking fabulous on and off your bike.

Tour Your City: The bike is the perfect tool for discovering new places, it's an open museum.

Skip the Train: Believe it or not, a bike will get you to your destination faster, plus it will save you money and help you avoid traffic.

If you're in the NYC area and looking for a new bike or other few bits and bobs, check out this weekends New York Bike Jumble. Also, don't forget to wish your mom a Happy Mother's Day if you're in America this Sunday. Have a great weekend!

Book Review: The Girl's Bicycle Handbook

I've been long awaiting for this book to land onto my doorstep and when it did, I was ecstatic! Just over a year ago, writer and Cyclechic enterprenuer Caz Nicklin asked me if I would like to be interviewed for her recently released book,  The Girls' Bicycle Handbook. I've known Caz for a few years now from her blog, shop and had considered her a mentor of all things cycle chic so of course my support to her was head over wheels and accepted. We officially meet at the SF Bike Expo in 2010 where I commented on her gorgeous scarf to begin a conversation that would follow to becoming internet friends with a like minded goal of giving tools to inspire women to live life on two wheels.
When I first found Caz, I stumbled on her blog London Cycle Chic many years ago, a blog who's mission is to promote cycling as a desirable lifestyle choice and encourage more women to take to 2 wheels while being fashionable. Shortly after, she started her business Cyclechic, where she sold cute bicycle accessories for the stylish cyclista. This book is sort of a journey of her years of experiencing cycling as a woman looking for the cutest gear, finding practical ways to cycle in a dress, fix a flat, and learning how to deal with helmet hair.

The book starts from the basics of cycling to riding in style. It touches on everything one needs to know to get riding from choosing a bike, saftey, knowing your components, bike accessories, fitting a helmet, riding in the winter, and commuting to work. It's filled with so much knowledge that is explained simply and beautifully with illustrations and pictures taken by Caz and contributors from various blogs and businesses. One can cover the entire book from front to back wanting more inspiration out of a page that is both beautiful and practical to use. There really isn't ever a dull moment! 

Here is just a little excerpt covering what you need to know about accessorizing your ride.
Since I'm pretty familiar with how the English spell, write, and term certain phrases (Oy! I was an English major and date an English man!), I knew editors tried hard to make the book easy for American English speakers to translate and I was very sensitive to that. Every now and then I would find a phrase or term like "tube" meaning train, "indicators" meaning car signals, and "rubbish" meaning garbage or crap, I knew this was very English and was tickled by it because it's not everyday American English and that's okay, we can use a little slang education! That aside, I enjoyed the simplicity and visuals of the writing style as the messages were clear.
One thing I absolutely loved most about his book is the collaboration Caz took with having bloggers and business owners contributing a profile to this gem. See up there, there's a group of us from SF being represented!! It's filled with some new and some familiar faces. I learned a whole lot more about these women who love their bicycles and have since followed them. If there is one thing that I have always known Caz for, is her openness to community with others. This book shows how passionate she is to sharing knowledge with women and how we can all learn something new from each other.

In all, the book collects everything a woman needs to know about practical cycling and serves as a great guide to everything you need to know about enjoying your bike and cycling in style. I've read many books about cycling, albeit very sporty, but this is especially dedicated to women who just want to live everyday on a bicycle.

Thanks Caz for allowing me to be a part of this project and giving us a great book to share and inspire others with!

New Iva Jean Collection On Kickstarter

Iva Jean started as a brand for the fearless and passionate city girl, the ladies that live in the moment, that are effortlessly sophisticated, the women whose lives demand functional style. 

Link Love + Weekend Inspiration

There are lots of great events happening near and far from where you are and the weather is perfect to make adventures happen. I figured since it's Bike Month, we spin things off this weekend with a little link love and inspiration around the webs just to get your enthusiasm flowing.

Bike Expo NYC, if you're there and see a short girl with curly hair and bangs looking around like she's in a candy shop, that's me, come say hi!
If you're new to cycling and want to explore life on two wheels or just need a good challenge, join the National Bike Challenge.
I want to to start one and heart this guide with 4 Steps to Starting a Local Bike Gang.
Donate to Iva Jean to help fund their beautiful bike apparel line here!
I'm still wrapping my head around comments from this article, "Is There Such a Thing As a Feminine Way To Cycle". I wrote a post related to this topic a while back, you can read it here. What do you think? Bike Talk chapter on this to commence.
I'm totally digging this Strava app, does anyone else use it too? What's your experience?
If you're on Twitter or Instagram, follow me for more updates and tips for adventuring on bike!

Have a great weekend, see you back here on Monday.
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