It's no wonder that walking or riding your bike to work benefits your body and mind over driving. Most of us bloggers have been saying this for years, but a recent UK study has been all over the media giving the data behind this finding and it's got people talking. Last night I posted a little note to my bike on Twitter, pretty much explaining what my bike means to me. Yes, it gives me the health benefits, and yes, I have been singing Beyonce's Flawless on my bike numerous times, and of course I am happier when I'm on my bike, it's really all I think about! The benefits are so great but will this study make any difference in how we design or plan our cities for cycling and walking? I don't know but it's something to consider in how we advocate for bicycle and walking safety in our neighborhoods.

Bike Things To Know

Happy Friday! I'm excited to get this weekend and next week over cause that means London and Paris for me the following week. That's right, my adventures are heading overseas! Very excited but back down to earth, I recently expressed how I wanted to keep sharing information and adventures with you, so here I am attempting to do what I know best, consume and share information. Although fall is starting to cool things down a little, there are a lot of great things happening and being written, so here is what you need to know.

Cafe du Cycliste

I'm not opposed to cycle wear at all, as long as it fits my sense of taste. On a journey to find some tasteful cycle wear, I searched long and voila, I found Cafe du Cyclist and some really cute cycling jersey's a la French sailor style. I'm particularly fond of the Suzanne and Henriette jersey. To add in extra good news, Cafe du Cyclist is having a major sale! Plus worldwide shipping is free if orders are above 60 Euros (that's about 78 dollars for us American's).

These are perfect for serious rides or for just looking stylish around town. The breathable, wicking, non-itchy properties ensure you'll stay cool, but it combines beautifully with other layers when the temperature drops. I particularly love that their design is inspired by the French Riviera and compliment the female figure. Perfect for a comfortable and elegant style while riding.

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