Currenlty Biking: Florida

Biking and Florida. A great pair if you ask me. Who would've known in all places in America that Florida is great for cycling?! I never thought I would be cycling this side of the coast but here I am off road cycling and riding through every nature preserve and beach I could get to. Not only is Florida blessed with wonderful climate but with paved cycling infrastructure too. And if it's too humid during your ride, you could just stop by the nearest beach and jump in to cool down which I find myself doing often.

Adjusting to Spring Bike Lifestyle

Now that Spring has sprung, I'm seeing lots of smiling faces on two wheels, my local bike shop/cafe filled with bicycles for tune ups and a home now currently filled with bicycles. Coming from a state that has no seasonal weather and 330 days of sunshine, it's not easy to adjust to the extreme weather changes. What's harder is not having the ability to ride my bike almost everyday, not being able to physically endure the weather patterns regardless of the preparation and research. 

Life on two wheels can be a bit of a challenge during the cold seasons. And although I admire those who can ride in the snow, I won't do it. Call me a spoiled Cali girl, but this adjustment to the East Coast is a big eye opener on tackling bicycle lifestyle one season at a time. Adjustment isn't easy and I'm sure my friends from home are giggling at me but I'm just so excited for this sunshine and warm weather!

If you're on the same road (pun intended), here are some tips to help you get inspired and adjust to Spring's seasonal bike lifestyle...

Pedaling Back

I'm Back! Blogging is so hard these days and I'm now attempting to recover from a self imposed long haitus from social media and most things internet. In all honesty, I have avoided coming back to social media and this blog because I was burnt-out, plus all that traveling and work I have makes me comfortable with enjoying the little freedom I have from being digitally disconnected.
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