Bike Talk: Equality And The Urban Landscape

Can the urban city be a space where we can practice equality? Can we ever truly achieve equality when women and men currently appropriate urban spaces unequally? Recent studies have shown that there's a clear link between gender inequality and the use of the city infrastructure, like bicycle lanes. A study conducted in the city of Rennes, showed that certainly, urban spaces are ultimately made by and for, men. This study is certainly not the example of all cities, however, there are plenty of cities in the U.S. that can certainly relate to the issues of gender inequality in infrastructure use.

Fall Destinations By Bike In New England

New England in the fall is colored with hues and tones of all colors. The air is cool, crips and perfect for strapping on a helmet and pedaling down a scenic road full of yellows, reds, and oranges. To get you adventuring through some of the leafiest routes before the season is over, I picked some of my favorite fall foliage viewing routes in the Northeast. My experience in these regions are a few day trips at best. Either way, rides through the Northeast are a necessary experience for all who love fall and biking.

Bike Things To Know

It's been a while since the blog has seen so much action in the last year. Lots of changes in the air and although seasonal changes and early sunsets start to change our bike behaviors, the news of bike related events on the web never ends. There are a lot of great things happening and being written, so here is what you need to know.

Glady's bike shop is a women-first bike shop in Portland, Oregon. This is great news as a sign that the "industry" is moving forward on making bike retail more welcoming for women.

The bike community has fallen in love with this 90yr old cyclist who still rides in heels and dresses. I hope I grow up to be like her.

Our very own L.A. bicycle activist sweetheart Maria Sipin was interviewed on one of my favorite sites, Ravishly, check out her interview here.  

People For Bikes demystifies the most common myths about cycling. "The more places we have to ride and the more accessible bikes and bike education becomes, the closer we move to becoming a society where biking is not only not fringe, it's commonplace."

Still have no idea what to wear for Halloween, Brooklyn Bicycle Co. has some creative Easy Halloween Bike Costume Ideas for your ride.

Gearing Up For Fall Cycling

As much as we all love fall, early sunsets make cyclists a vulnerable party in changing temperatures and road traffic. So it is particularly useful that she/he prepares for cooler climates and knows how  to maneuver through the rules that put her/him in safety from both the surprises of the road and  seasonal transitions. In addition to knowing how to be safe on the road this fall, it’s also good to know what to dig out of your closet and gear up for the ride.

I’ve added some essentials to the mix of tips to ensure your fall closet and bike will still make the cool transitional move into the new season in style. Consider this a friendly reminder to cycle safely and warmer while you cool into fall.

New England Bicycle Touring Destinations

While living in New England, I've loved spending my free time venturing out by bike into quaint towns and local diners to get a feel of the area. Riding through quiet back country roads dotted with peaceful villages and views of mountains, lakes, and ocean: New England has become my favorite cycle touring destination. Throughout North East states, abandoned railway lines are now cycle routes. There are also trails in conservation areas that can accommodate any style of riding terrain from road to mountain.

As I'm hopping on my bike and heading from town to town, the sounds of rushing air, chirping birds, and running water fills my ears as well as the appreciation for the quaint scenery. New England country sides with picturesque villages, farms, rivers, ocean views, and forests make a great weekend of bike touring adventure. To help you find your next bike tour destination in New England, I've rounded up a few sites to help you guide your next visit to the most picturesque states of New England.
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