Riding In The Depths Of Winter

Riding amongst the sludge and chill wind, waves of breathlessness floats me up the road and goosebumps rise on my arms as I rip over hill tops. From the middle of the street I could feel the surge of grace as the chill wind blows and swoops me into town like a flock of birds finding formation, heartbeats loud again. I'm alive, heart racing, but inspired and well.

Resolution Bike More

So many of us probably have told ourselves that we will bike more this year. Trust me, I've been telling myself that everyday. Yesterday I got to thinking about the former girl that started this blog. I was in my early twenties, living in San Francisco, biking to school, work, and home. My life revolved around commuting by bike. Now, my life is very different. I work from home, drive to the market (20 miles), and spend most of my recreational time hiking with my dog and fiance in the woods that surround us. It's a complete change.

New Year, New Adventure

Happy belated New Year friends. It was a very busy 2015 and so far a very busy start to 2016. As some followers may know, a year ago, I thought of giving up this blog because of the direction my life was going. My story had changed when my now fiance and I planned to buy a house outside of New York. We wanted to live simply, sustainably, and well. Moving out of NYC meant that city girl rides was no longer in a city to bike. But just because I was moving location, my passion for cycling didn't stop, so I decided I would continue with creating content.
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