Grit Of The Grind

Going slowly, owning a few things, and using a few resources forces a simpler lifestyle. Within simplicity lies a world of breaking from the confines and anxieties of the Western world. A pared down life. It's what I have been longing for and hoping to achieve when I moved out of the Big Apple to the Hudson Valley. A town with no development but lakes, mountains, and trees was exactly the soothing landscape I needed to soothe my cravings. Cravings for adventure, nature, and freedom. I find in these long stretches of time spent on a hike or ride in the outdoors is the disconnect I need from the domestic to the primal, a world of realizations, gratitude, and simplicity.

Summer Weather Cycling Tips

I know this post is late in the season but it's that time of the year when I want to be in the great outdoors exploring by bike under the summer sun. While temperatures start to rise, at least here in NY, I thought a little refresher could help along the journey. When I first started cycling in summer in NYC, it was humid, sticky, and completely pointless dressing up. As a city girl, I've shared posts about summer bicycle lifestyle that shared information from summer hair tutorials to what to wear. Now that I live in upstate NY and road cycle, I'm having a whole other experience with the heat and humidity. Almost the kind that stops me in my tracks while I sweat through my kit while climbing, longing for the better days of cold summers in SF. With that said, I think I now have a better idea of how to beat the extreme heat while getting the most out of my ride. Whether you're on a group ride, solo ride, or bike packing, here are some tips to keep you feeling good on your bike this summer too.
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