Bike Talk: How To Use Cycling To Save The Future

I went to the Women's March on Jan 21st, feeling empowered and sure that our voices would be heard. However, this week has been filled with harrowing news of erasing years of women's progress under the terms of "executive order". What was a loud roar from women was met with political leaders retaliation on all fronts. In these harrowing times, many of us have more to worry about. People of color. Immigrants. Refugees. The LGBTQ community. People with disabilities. Those who need access to affordable health care. Those who want a quality education for their children. This affects us all, most of us in more ways than one. With so much at stake, there are many questions we all have but more pressing, what can we as women in cycling do to save the future? 

It's time to stand up and fight. As female cyclists, we are tough as shit. We climb uphill, shred tracks, and dodge dangers on the roads. We sweat, we push, we dig deep to keep going. That tenacity is what the world needs from us now. 

Route Feminent in Vermont

It was a simple tweet derived from a fantasy to escape on a bike tour that turned into a reality when Brent Knepper of Everything Will Be Noble reached out to me and offered support through Route Feminent. Route Feminent is a project to support and sponsor women and LBGTQ cyclists who want to take their wondering souls onto a bike adventure. In many ways, this project gave me my wings into adventure cycling.
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