About City Girl Rides

17 December, 2009

City Girl Rides was created in 2009 in San Francisco when Christina Torres began bike commuting as a lifestyle choice. Christina noticed that many women where asking her for style tips, product recommendations, and resources to cycling in the city so she began blogging to help and inspire women transition into cycling as a lifestyle. Pedaling along with the challenges in the women's cycling industry over the years, CGR has developed into women's cycling lifestyle blog, sharing the latest in women's cycling news, trends, products, and sources to inspire an active lifestyle in cycling for women and girls. 

As a UC Berkeley grad in Sustainable Urban Development, Christina's research focus was on Smart Cities and how data can enhance the quality of solving challenges facing global urbanization trends. Her research argues that through data insights, cities can tackle key social equity challenges, deliver vital city services, and address disparities in social and environmental conditions by evaluating real world data to improve policy development and decision making for better solutions. Christina's research further examines how data can enhance the practice of democracy and government accountability in the urban environment to further incorporate community insight in policy and planning making.

Her passion for sustainable cities, nature, cycling, and empowerment infuses her content with cycle culture living aspects and activism. Once a media manager at women's bicycle boutique, Eleanor's NYC, Christina now works as a data analyst in the life sciences bridging the different worlds between people and industry. Currently she resides in New York with her fiance and dog where she traded in her heels for clipless shoes to trail around the Hudson Valley.

CGR aims to inspire and empower girls and women to cycle, build community, and spread good vibes. 

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