Commuter Tips To Staying Fresh

10 February, 2010

A lot of people think cycling equals getting hideously hot and sweaty and having to bother with a shower and change when you get to your destination. This need not be the case if you cycle at a leisurely pace and put a little thought in to what you wear and pack for your commute. Here are just a few tips for avoiding sweat on your clothing and remaining fresh as a daisy with minimum hassle

• Use panniers or messenger style bags instead of rucksacks which can result in a rather unpleasant sweaty back. Check out Cycle Chic UK's  shop for stylish bags and panniers.

• Get yourself a pair of cycling underwear. They have a removable pad for comfort and are made with quick drying fabric ensuring they are breathable, antibacterial and absorbent.

• As summer approaches go for light floating dresses. They are perfect for keeping cool on your bike. Floral and floaty is very much en vogue this season

• Cycle in a loose fitting tops and pack a smarter top with you for a quick change when you get to work. Try a nice brightly colored jersey from American Apparel they look great with skinny jeans.

Treat yourself to a merino wool top. Great for those chilly morning commutes. "Merino wool is a naturally high performance material, absorbing perspiration and eliminating smells. It keeps your body warm if its cold but is breathable so in warm conditions it keeps you just right too" says designer Alexa Pearson.

• Pack yourself moisturizing wipes to quickly clean yourself where you sweat the most.

• Use a antiperspirant deodorant so your clothes stay sweat proof.

• Pack a little makeup kit with a comb to refresh your look once you get to your office. After a ride you will be surely glowing.

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