here's to friday

30 April, 2010

i have some really exciting news to share. i never thought the fact that my enthusiasm and love for sustainable lifestyle and cycle chic would ever rub off on my friends. yet, knowing that i live in one of the most environmental and style conscious cities in america i have! this week, three of my friends have joined the pedal push, that makes five friends, with a sixth on the way. i have multiple conversations with friends who say they are thinking of getting a bike, and that makes me excited, but when they do, that set's my bicycle bell off! i thought after my accident all of my friends would stay away from bicycling but they see the perks to bicycling now that spring has sprung and muni (our infamous public transit) has failed even more. this makes me really excited to see how this small movement we call cycle chic has an impact, one bike, one city girl at a time, happy friday!
Anonymous said...

right on tina! keep up the good work!!!

Mikael said...

cycle chic loves you!

best regards from copenhagen.

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