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sharing life on a bike

18 April, 2010

meet city girl rider kasey.
bike's name: i named my bike 'bonnie blue' after scarlett o'hara and rhett butler's child from the movie 'gone with the wind', one of my favorite films.
bike brand: bonnie's a raleigh. although i'm still trying to do an online research as to what year she may be from.
neighborhood: i am currently living in one of sf's best neighborhood, noe valley!
age: 24
occupation: retail
status: married to the most wonderful, supportive, amazingly kind man for almost 4 years now.
mantra: mantra meditation
tattoo: i have 6, two of which i want to get covered.
listening to: 'the bird and the bee'. inara george's soothing, melodic vocals always make my day.
reading now: the everlasting story of nory by nicholson baker.
what you wear on bikes: skirts and dresses. i like to look cute when i ride ;)
hobbies: i like to explore different parts of the city and thrift shop on my days off. i've also been collaging lately.
bike stunts: nothing yet. although it would be cool to learn one in the future.
favorite hangout spot: parks because i love having picnics, and lately i've been going to this great coffee shop near my neighborhood called 'borderlands cafe'.

thanks kasey, i look forward to more adventures and rides along our paths down the road.

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