10 Reasons Why I Love My Bike(s)

18 May, 2010

1. riding excites me, it's fun!
2. i see more of the world on two wheels.
3. i have me time, clarity.
4. challenges my courage, increases confidence and self reliance
5. gives me countless adventures with friends on the road.
6. i get to make friends on the road and around the world with people who love there bikes too.
7. keeps me fit, strong, and healthy.
8. keeps the world healthy, one less car on the road.
9. convenient, front row parking, no traffic jams.
10. beats public transportation, never late, never breaks down, inexpensive.

txell said...

very cute stuff on your blog! i add you as a favourite.

Anonymous said...

hear hear! agree on each and everyone of your points :D L x

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