Commuter Bicycle Etiquette

06 May, 2010

Whether you ride for your health, personal enjoyment or because of necessity, bike safety on the city road is a crucial element of your body of knowledge. Bicycle path safety and etiquette is important not just because it's considerate to acknowledge other cyclists on the paths and roads but because the safety and manners you use on the bike path can save your life. Many times on the bike lane, I've seen some bad etiquette that could have caused danger to both the cyclist and vehicle driver. There are ways to minimize the dangers of such as I will help you learn the basics of what you need to know about bike safety and etiquette on the bike path. Here we go!
Be courteous to all road users. share the road!

Riding side-by-side can be a fun way to talk with your fellow cyclists, but it's only appropriate where space and traffic conditions permit.

Be predictable. Cyclist should ride in a straight line and avoid weaving back and forth. this helps motorists and other cyclist determine when it is safe to pass you.

Communicate with others in your group and with other vehicles.

Call out your changes. If you pass another cyclist always pass on your left calling out "passing on left." never pass on right unless it's an emergency and if so call out "passing on right."

Use hand signals. for a left turn, extend your left arm straight out. For a right turn, extend your left arm out and up, bent at the elbow. to signal you are stopping, extend your left arm out and down, bent at the elbo.

Do not follow other riders into an intersection without looking first – it may be safe for them, but not for you.

Give some space, keep three feet of clearance when riding behind or passing another cyclist.

Use a helmet, good night lights, and reflection gear that will keep you noticeable to pedestrians and vehicles.

Do not ride against traffic, in between the cross walk for pedestrians, or on the sidewalk when conditions don't permit so.

Do not stop in the middle of a bike lane, move to the far right if possible to keep out of other cyclist's path.

Obey the rules of the road. You are not above the law just because you're on a bike.

important of all, show your respect for other cyclists and the drivers with whom we share the road. a smile and a wave go a long way if a driver has waited for a cyclist to get through an intersection. say hello to other cyclists on the road as you pass. we are kindred spirits, connected by our passion.
have fun and safe riding!
Anonymous said...

such a nice post & good info. I'll be sure to pass it onto my cycling newbies!

Girl Power said...

Good points, just yesterday a speedo-wearing-Velo-racer passed me on the right and I was so surprised that I almost rode out into traffic to avoid him.

He also failed to give a call-out.

LS said...

These are good safety tips! As a cyclist your life can depend on knowing the rules of the road. Here's another good article on cycling safety.

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