cruise en la mission

25 May, 2010

23rd and mission
womens building mural
balmy avenue
farmers tienda

i love the mission! it is full of great things to see via bicycle. it's my favorite place to ride to as the latino community gives me access to everything i love and grew up with as far as food and produce goes. it's loud with mariachi music, children running, people visiting with family or friends, taqueria aroma fills the air, and there are so many murals to see. it's by far the liveliest neighborhood in any district in san francisco. it reminds me of home in l.a. which is perhaps why i love it so.
Jiří Jaroš said...

This green bike i beautiful !!!

haircutting in high heels said...

I love la mission too! Visited La Cumbre for the best burritos with a local SF friend, love that you ride the city, lucky girl, great blog!

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