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red lips

28 May, 2010

i think most people recognize me because of the red lipstick i wear while riding. it's bright and it turns lots of heads. for some, wearing makeup is an issue for most women when they ride; as they believe it will melt off their face from sweating. looking fresh is important and it's possible by not racing from point a to point b and just ride with ease. i also feel that the red lips give me a sense of empowerment as i ride next to the fixie boys or lycra wearing riders. i swear, no matter the circumstances, wearing red lipstick makes everything better, especially a cute outfit.
Anonymous said...

I like riding with my red gloves :D sure way for drivers to note when I signal turning left/right!

city girl rides said...

red gloves? how adorable. i really do think that the noticeable bright colors of red, white, etc are attention grabbers. which is why i like to wear colorful clothing on my rides. you gotta show us those red gloves!

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