Adventures: A Dahlia in Bloom

13 July, 2010

whenever i have a day off from work or school, i set out through the city on my wheels to explore what i've been missing. one thing that i've been longing to see is the Dahlia Exhibition in Golden Gate Park that shows every summer. Dahlia's are my favorite flowers and i didn't want to miss out on their blooms this summer. it's a beautiful sight to behold and i strongly recommend a lovely ride to the exhibition and perhaps a picnic afterwards since the Conservatory of flowers is there and a sight to behold itself. another reason why i love summer: dahlia's in bloom.
cb said...

that is my favorite part of the park. the mister and i when we lived in the city would go to the garfield statue every weekend and just lounge around...we try and do that as much as can now...great pictures makes me homesick for the park!

city girl rides said...

aw, the park will always be here for you but i do strongly recommend visiting the dahlia's before summer is over. we should organize a ride out there this summer if you would like?!

Lady VĂ©lo said...

Absolulety stunning :)

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