french women and the velo

16 July, 2010

"French women and European women are much more likely to use the bicycle for convenience than Americans, who see cycling as recreation and sport. Remember, the French invented the Tour de France, yet still have not forgotten the practical use of the bike. For my mothers generation, (and those like the 122 year old Jeanne Louise Clement) riding was something women did everyday... Nowadays, most of our cycling is done in Provence, where the view, the feel of rolling hills, the olfactory splendors give us the potent sensation of being beyond workaday cares, outside of ourselves. In fact, I feel that way anytime I'm en velo."

Mirielle Guilliano, author of French Women For All Seasons
Daniella said...

I love Mirielle's writing... French culture from a true French women, all her books a fabulous!

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