meet the girls: wendy and charlotte

no doubt i love bikes, especially the cute and stylish ones. but these are my swhinn girls: bottom is wendy bird (or wendy), and top is charlotte. i have a thing for naming my bikes (or objects) after literary characters which sums the names of my bikes. wendy bird is from wendy of peter pan and charlotte is named after charlotte bronte the writer of jane eyre. i guess when you mix a literary geek with bikes, or anything else, you have a slew of objects named after writers, hence my cat named shakespeare. i'm interested in knowing how you named your bikes, i like stories, please do share.


cb said...

i love wendy & charolette! what great bikes and names!!

my two bikes maryjane 1969 Raleigh mixte was named by the mister because she is need to go any further with that one...

and urusla 1969 hercules is because i automatically thought of the little mermaid when i saw her...i thought urusla was a good old name that most people don't use anymore.

my roadbike is named tina after the amazing and truly talented tina turner :D

i LOVE naming them more life and it is nice to know other people do as well :D


city girl rides said...

what fun names! maryjane is awesome! lol! i love the names, but tina is an awesome name only because that's my name too!

Anonymous said...

my Pashley is called Vita, inspired by Vita Sackville-West, the period and the little I know of her made me think of it as the perfect name for Pashley but also, most importantly in Italian Vita also means "life", which again I thought quite apt for a lovely bike that has given me back great quality of life and because 'she' is full of life! I too love naming things... our family cars all had names (still do!) =)

cb said...

oh great! tina is a great name...the mister tried calling me tina for a while since my full name is cristina but it didn't stick...most people call me cris

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