Helmet Hair Styles

Aside from the towering hills (which we avoid at all costs), San Francisco is pretty much a cyclist's dream city. With a solid biking community, progressive laws, and streamlined routes, you're bound to see almost as many bikes as cars on the road on your way to work. The only pitfall to pedaling as your main mode of transportation? Arriving at your desk a sweaty mess with hair that looks dirty and tangled — or like you've been hanging out in a wind tunnel. 

For many of us ladies who ride and have bangs or long hair, it can be difficult to manage our tresses under certain weather circumstances. For instance, when I'm riding, my bangs seem to move around a lot, or my long curly hair seems to flap around everywhere or frizz. One lady who rides at eva-lu has offered some tips to help tame those bangs. I recommend a read as she has offered many ways to manage bangs. For myself, I have learned to manage my tresses with scarves under any weather circumstance a la Audrey Hepburn. A great website that I have learned to wear headscarves can be found here...  http://www.texeresilk.com/cms-tying_head.html.

Brit and Co has also shared some great hairstyles for wearing under your helmet. You can see more here. How do you wear your hair under a helmet?

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